Ragnar Recap Part 3: Boom you caught a Stacie

I left off with getting the most glorious 90 minutes of sleep ever. I am not even exaggerating, it felt like I got 12 hours. I woke up feeling so refreshed and ready to rock my most ridiculous attire yet. One thing is for sure, we were going to go out with a bang.


We make the 80s look GOOD!

Before we knew it, it was our turn to take over the glorious orange slap bracelet and bring this race to a close. All of van 2 decided that our cheering had to be dialed up to 11 for the last legs. WE NEED MORE COWBELL!

Jenny took off running on what we decided was quite possibly the most gorgeous leg of the course.


And we had BUBBLES!!!



Oh yes, I was the keeper of the bubbles! And when you have bubbles, you get AMAZING race photos like this one:


We screamed, we laughed, and we danced the hell out of ‘Ice Ice Baby.’

Then it was time to get decked out in my most absurd race outfit yet. Oh dear lord it was fabulous.


And then we danced some more…


Then it was my turn to bust out my final 5.8 miles.

Ya… About that whole running thing…

This leg sucked. Like major major sucked. My legs felt strong and my endurance was hanging in there but the super crazy mondo hills caused my back to spasm SO FREAKING BAD. My team was absolutely amazing. They leap frogged me the whole way handing me Advil and water and playing ‘Stacie’s Mom Has Got it Goin’ On’ (which seriously made me crack up by the way).

I tried my damn hardest to run up those friggin hills but my back just would not cooperate. I got so close to breaking down in tears of disappointment but my amazing team helped me through. Kim told me to walk the hills or she would be mad. Yes, mama Kim. So walk I did. As soon as it leveled off in the slightest, I ran my heart out to try to make up time. I was so close to the end, then I got stuck at a stoplight. It felt like I was there FOREVER! As soon as it turned green, and I took off toward the most glorious downhill finish ever.


I was DONE! My Ragnar job was finished!

Without fail, my team had the best surprise ever waiting for me.


Remember me mentioning ‘Seagull Fishing’ yesterday? Well, for those of you who don’t know (presumably all of you), Seagull fishing is where you lay on the beach with a towel covering you. You cover said towel in food. Seagull comes to eat the food… BOOM you caught a seagull.

Apparently I am the only one who has ever participated in such activities (to any PETA members, no seagulls have been harmed while seagull fishing). Well, my team decided to go Stacie Fishing. They knew EXACTLY what Stacie’s feed on: “Lemon Tea” which oddly resembles Red Hook beer. Hmm..

Kim laid on the ground, covered herself in a towel, put “Lemon Tea” on the towel and BOOM…


She caught a Stacie!!!

Best. Thing. Ever!!

We continued cheering our brains out for our final two runners. After hiding and throwing MORE gummy bears at Megan, we headed to the finish!! Megan came running in with Tyler and we all (Van 1 and Van 2) ran into the finish together.


NUUNKOTB babyyyy!!! After 32 glorious hours, we did it!

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have been able to spend time with these people. I absolutely adore my NUUNKOTB family and I am so anxious for our reunion. You ladies (and Mason and Tyler) are such fabulous people! Thanks for one of the most memorable experiences of my life.



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9 responses to “Ragnar Recap Part 3: Boom you caught a Stacie

  1. Holly

    This is seriously A-mazing!!! Stacie fishing!!! And way to get through your tough miles and back spasms…it’s amazing how quickly we became a TEAM and got each other through it all! When are we doing it again!?!?

  2. runninghaiku

    I love your recaps. Your experience sounds like my first year. Those hills SUCKED. This was my 3rd yr doing Ragnar NWP and I have loved every single second of it except that damn red light. I timed it. I was stuck there 3 1/2 minutes. A crappy way to end a painful run. The only time I have ever been angry during a Ragnar. Hope to see you doing it next year!

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt that I was there for at least 3 minutes. And after having to walk, it killed me knowing I was wasting more time. I definitely want to do it again next year. It was seriously the best experience ever!!

  3. Sososo amazing! Stacie, you are rocking running this year!

  4. Awesome recap!! I have never heard of seagull fishing but it looks like the best activity ever and I will be trying it sometime very soon!!

  5. I grew up on the beach, but have never heard of seagull fishing- absolutely hilarious! I loved your last outfit too- it was freaking awesome!!! I hope your back gets better soon, I know that it has been bothering you for a while. I would suggest to your hubby in a subtle way that maybe he should buy you some massages. 🙂

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