Ragnar Relay: $4!+ I should have posted

Ok, I swear I am ALMOST done talking about Ragnar. Bear with me.

You know how MTV always does a ‘$4!+ they should have shown’ episode at the end of the Real World season? Oh, I’m the only one who still watches that crap? Hmm… Anyways, we took SO many awesome pictures and there was just no way to fit them all into my recaps so I thought I’d do a ‘$4!+ I should have posted’ post.

These pics remind me of Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Often, people would try to capture candid photos of our group. I think I have camera radar though. And apparently I only have one pose too!

Tossing gummy bears in the air and catching them in your mouth is way tricky. I probably tried like 80 times. One successful attempt was caught on camera. The other successful attempt (ya, I think there were only two) was caught on video. I’ll put it on YouTube and upload the video soon.


We decorated the vans at Nuun headquarters on Thursday night. At this point, most of us hardly knew each other. Oh how fast things change…


Night time come ’round and we start acting like bulls and matadors.


And Kim showed us her serious baton twirling skills! She is so rad.


Megan snapped a few photos of me coming into the finish of my first leg! Photos complete with shot of Honey Buckets.

So there you have it! The $4!+ I should have posted!



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4 responses to “Ragnar Relay: $4!+ I should have posted

  1. Ha! I took the Honey Bucket pic. I thought ‘what a scenic picture, Stacie will appreciate this’ hahaha!

  2. Love ALL the photos! Especially the honey bucket 🙂

  3. Niccceeee. The $#Q$(#)U they should have shown is ALWAYS the best episode of the whole season! Though I really thought your post was going to be about something you got for $4!

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