The important stuff: Race Clothes

I had a few questions about my attire for each leg of Ragnar, so I thought I’d break it down for anyone that is interested. As we all know, race attire is OBVIOUSLY the most important part of racing. 😉

Leg 1:

Headband: Custom Bondi Band – These things are fab! I plan on buying like a gazillion more. They are cheap and do not slip unlike so many headbands out there!
Top: Target clearance rack! Champion C9 brand
Sports Bra: Teal Champion C9 from Target
Shorts: Really old Adidas shorts
Shoe laces: Sweat Pink babyyyy!
Spi belt: my new go to accessory. Carries my ID and my phone no problem. Didn’t even notice it was on me while running!
Wrist Sweat Bands: Super cheap on Amazon

Leg 2:

Headband: Zebra print Active Band. One of my only headbands that don’t slip!
Shirt: Champion C9 neon yellow tank
Sports Bra: Moving Comfort Juno sports bra. I am obsessed with this sports bra now. That was my first run in it. I actually feel like a girl with tatas in it instead of a smooshed down boy!
Shorts: Nike Tempo Shorts
Jacket: Nike running jacket I got from Nordstrom last year
Shoe laces: Sweat pink babyyyy

Leg 3:

Top: Champion C9 tank from Target. I am OBSESSED with this tank now! I want to buy them in all the colors. So comfy!
Shorts: Champion C9 from Target. Rode up a bit while I ran but was so worth it to look so dang 80s fab-tastic
Spi belt: my new go to accessory. Carries my ID and my phone no problem. Didn’t even notice it was on me while running!
Shoe laces: Sweat pink babyyy!

Recovery Outfits:

Socks: Zensah Compression socks. Love these bad boys.
Shoes: Toms. The ultimate in comfort. Also completed my ‘old grandpa’ look I was going for.


Aspaeris Compression Shorts: two words… Magic pants. Under my fun leopard shorts are my Aspaeris. Holy moly these shorts are AMAZING. I am not even just saying that. They help in recovery like nothing else. They are super NOT flattering and give you some major fat bulge and love handles, but it is SO worth it.

Zensah Calf Sleeves: love these things. I have them in pink and lime green. I wore them both frequently over the course of race as well as after the race. I wear them to work sometimes under my jeans. No one ever knows they are there working their magic!

What is your go-to race accessory?



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3 responses to “The important stuff: Race Clothes

  1. I love those black n’ yellow shorts!

  2. I think that all of you ladies should have gotten a best dressed team award because you all looked fabulous! I wished that your yellow shorts came in pink! I love getting workout clothes at Target, they have some great stuff and it’s cheap!

  3. Jen

    I love Target workout clothing!!

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