Snohomish River Run

Last nights workout:

Intervals!!! Woot!
3.01 miles in 30:42 (10:12 pace)

Dang this run felt fabulously sweaty. I ran while reading my book on my iPad. I ran hard for 4-6 pages of my book, then recovered at a 12 min pace for 2 pages. Super scientific approach to intervals. Woooo it felt great.


To all my Seattle-ish area peeps, this post is for you.

There is a new race in the area! The race is called the Snohomish River Run Half Marathon and 10k.


The race is on October 27 which makes it a great race for people running the Seattle Marathon/Half marathon. It could be a great ramp down week.

The course if a flat, fast course along the Snohomish River. And by flat, I mean FLAT! There is only 115 feet of elevation gain over the whole course of the half marathon. That is a rare treat in the Sea-Town area.

Awesome scenery AND a flat course?! Sign me up!

I’m thinking this may HAVE to be my 10k redemption race. My 1:13 “PR” can suck it! 😉 Who else is down to get their race on?!

Sign up here before September 1st to be the entry fee increase!!



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3 responses to “Snohomish River Run

  1. runninghaiku

    I was just looking at that one!

  2. NG

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! It is exactly the right timing for me since I was thinking of doing a half (it would be my first ever) in Portland on Oct 21 but that was starting to feel just a tiny bit too soon. This one could be perfect with one extra week to prepare.

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