5 for Friday

Happy Friday y’all!!

1. I am racing this weekend!!! Iron Girl 5k baby! I am not sure what to expect from this race. When I signed up, it was supposed to be my 5k PR race, but I haven’t exactly been running 5k PR speeds. Soooo, I will do what I do best and run my neon ass off and have a blast while doing it.

2. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the person who found my blog by searching for ‘Amazing ass in leopard shorts.’ Is this what you were looking for?


You are welcome for that close up. Hope you weren’t eating while reading this.

3. Hubs and I get to see his adorable gma tonight for dinner! I swear we see her more now that we have moved than when we were in San Diego. Love it!

4. My obsession with reading has not slowed down. I am currently on my 70th book for the year and my original goal was to read 30. CRUSHED it!

5. There is a really good chance that hubs and I are meeting my sis in Vegas in October. What did I do when I found out about the trip, you ask? I started looking up Hoochie dresses, of course. Only in Vegas… Only in Vegas. This is what happened the last time my sis and I were there together in Sin City:


Yeah, we kind of have a ridiculously good time together.

Would you rather hydrate with pig urine or get nipple chaffing every time you run?



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7 responses to “5 for Friday

  1. Lol, what?!?! So, about that 5k PR. I’m a scheduling idiot and will be out of town this weekend, but I promise that the next one (granted it’s after Oct. 13th), I will be there for you. You pick the race. I’ll mark my calendar. 🙂

    Um, I choose the latter. Pigs smell, and chafing doesn’t have to be ALL that bad, right?

  2. You ARE going to PR…just have a positive attitude and run like you mean it :). Wish I could be there to cheer you on but I took a last minute gig for Nuun at another race that morning.

    I’m not sure pig urine would be very hydrating, so I choose nipple chaffing…although I would go through a lot of shirts that way…hmmm, touch call!

  3. On the reading front…are you on goodreads.com? Would love to share books back and forth… 🙂

  4. Holy moly lady- 70 books?! You are my reading hero! I am not sure how many I have read, but it is probably in the 30 (ish) range.

  5. Wait, what?? Did I miss a new meme or something?
    Anyhoo, the search cracked me up, but the closeup…I love 🙂 Have a great run this weekend; you will do what you always do and make it a great time!

  6. Ha! The shorts nearly made me spit my coffee on my laptop I was laughing so hard!
    PS – Chafing. No question about it. I chafe all the time. It’s not awesome, but it’s not the end of the world either. Pig urine, on the other hand… End. Of. The. World. 😉

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