What I’m Racing

Why, hello friends. It has been a while. I am still very much alive.

Hubs and I have been working out together for the past two weeks, which has been amazing. He is super determined to lose a few lbs, so he has been working out nearly every day. I’m so proud of him. Because of his determination, it has sparked some determination in me! I have been running a lot! Oh yes, the mojo is back. I even had a seriously kick ass 5 miler that I did in 53 minutes the other day.

My running mojo making a big return has also sparked fire in me to get racing again. That brings me to my next two races…


Snohomish River Run Half Marathon and 10k on October 27! I will be doing the 10k at this race that goes right along the water! Fast, flat, and scenic?! Sign me up!!!

Then my next race after that is none other than the Mustache Dache at Magnuson Park on Nov 17!


I am so friggin excited for this race. It is in honor of Movember. You may see men sporting some sa-weet looking mustaches around your office during the month of November. It is all to raise awareness for Men’s Health.

No, I am not a man and I am not capable of growing a sweet stache, but you better believe I will be there supporting the cause with an awesome fake stache. Proceeds for the Mustache Dash go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Such great causes.

So who will be racing with me?!

And in honor of the Mustache Dash, lets play a little game… Name that Stache!!




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13 responses to “What I’m Racing

  1. Burt Reynolds? My husband grew a mustache last year (maybe the year before?) for Movember and it was gross! So happy when he shaved it off!

  2. Jen

    I have a giveaway for a Mustache Dashe entry on my blog – I can’t run becuase I will be out of town doing the 3-day walk.

  3. Gotta be the Magnum PI ‘stache! Tom Selleck is the man!! Hooray for running mojo too; that is awesome!

  4. Glad that you and your hubby are having so much fun at the gym. It is always nice to have someone to go with and have the extra support.
    the Mustache Dache looks like a lot of fun!

  5. I’ve been watching Magnum, P.I. reruns lately and that actually looks too small for Magnum. I was going to guess John Cleese.

    Also, why pick the charity of disgraced former cyclist Lance Armstrong? There must be other charities out there that send money to actual research and science toward curing diseases rather than “awareness”.

    Just a thought.

    • I didn’t choose the charity, the mustache Dache did. Regardless, I will forever support anything of Lance Armstrongs. He is an amazing athlete and I think what happened to him is complete BS. Also, I think bringing awareness to an issue is a huge first step in getting the necessary funding for research. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! 🙂

  6. Lar and I are IN for the Mustache Dache! I will be wearing a pink furry mustache. (Pink is the only furry fabric I had, so pink it is!).

  7. Haha! I have no clue who’s mustache that is!
    And that does sound like a good cause for running and I really hope you put a picture here of your fake stache!!
    I am running my first marathon this month, and surprisingly, I haven’t thought of races for after that. So you’ve inspired me–I need to go see if there are some shorter races to run in November. 🙂

  8. Those are osme fun races and being in Seattle I am dissapointed in myself for not knowing about them…then again I haven’t been training that much so blah…I plan on making a comback for the spring so maybe you will see me at some races then!

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