So NOT a morning person

Yesterday morning, hubs and I had lofty plans to wake up at o-dark-thirty and work out together. It sounded FABULOUS… in theory.


Yes, I really set that many alarms in the morning.

Anyways, the alarm went off (the ‘Get ass out of bed and run’ alarm) and hubs got up and got ready to work out. Meanwhile, my ass was still in bed absolutely hating life. Sweet, dear hubs comes up to me and says it’s time to work out in such a sweet voice. My response? And I quote…


Yep… I’m TOTALLY a delight first thing in the morning. I definitely went back to bed and hubs definitely worked out by himself. Poor guy. I felt so bad later. I just was NOT havin it. I ended up kicking my ass with C25k Week 2 day 1 and 100 push-up challenge Week 1 day 2 after work. Yep, definitely not a morning runner.

Then tonight after work, Lauren, Sarah, Lauren’s friend Lindsay and I got together for a crazy hard FlyBarre sesh. O. M. G. There are no words for how out of shape this class makes me feel. If I could take it every day, I absolutely would.


After class, we hit up Veggie Grill for dinner. Holy yum. I am kinda obsessed with this place. It is a Vegan restaurant, which would normally have me running for the door. It is so flipping delicious though. I got a Thai Chickin’ Salad that is to die for, sweet potato fries to share with everyone, and Sarah got us carrot cake to split.


Highly recommend Veggie Grill if there is one in your area!

Have you ever tried a Barre class?



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6 responses to “So NOT a morning person

  1. Omg! That FlyBarre class was so difficult. Running a full marathon just a week before does not mean that I can easily do this class.

    My legs were literally quivering from the intensity of the pulsing.

    Can’t wait to do that and Veggie Grill again!

  2. You really set that many alarms? I bounce out of bed at my one alarm :). Flybarre was awesome last night, definitely one of the harder classes so far…walking down the stairs was hilarious!

  3. I am not a morning person either! I use at least 4-5 alarms every morning and hit snooze repeatedly. By 6 am if I am still not outta bed then all of my alarms turn into one big one. It drives my husband crazy since he doesn’t have to get up until around 7:45.

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