Five for Friday!

1. Holy freaking soreness. My ass, my legs, my arms…. OH my arms!!! FlyBarre is for reals y’all. I think my arms are sore from a mix of my hundred push-up challenge and fly barre but still… Damn! Hurts SO good.

2. Sarah and I are thinking about buying a full month pass for FlyBarre. They have a deal going right now that makes the price justifiable. That means I could even go on my lunch break! It makes me excited just thinking about it. I can’t wait until December to see the results of my ass kicking.

3. I am going to a baby shower tomorrow so I ran by the mall to pick up a gift. I went to the Disney Store and went a liiiiitle crazy!


Dang I love shopping for babies. There is nothing cuter than clothes that are for newborns. They are so little! 🙂

4. I am counting down the days until this dang election is over with. My job is absolutely insane until it is over. I am superrr tired of working late every day. It is exciting but I’m exhausted. Is it November 7th yet?

5. Pizza and beer tonight!! Woooo! Gotta freaking love Fridays!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!



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6 responses to “Five for Friday!

  1. Happy weekend! Chipotle over here…nothing but the most elegant food 😀

  2. Happy weekend!! Fun plans?

  3. This FlyBarre place sounds pretty cool! I wished that we had one in Spokane so that I could check it out. We are going to have our first niece next month and it has been so fun shopping for baby clothes. My husband’s dads bday is 11/1, husband’s is 11/3, mine is 11/8 & they scheduled Quinn’s C-Section for 11/9. That’s a lot of November bdays!

  4. I so want to try a barre class! I need to look and see if there are any in my neck of the woods!! Sorry you’re job is so crazy 🙂

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