I ain’t no artist

This weekend, Cousie D came over for our second annual pumpkin carving extravaganza. If you don’t recall, last years pumpkins were the shit.


Oh yes, that is definitely Cinderella.


I told you… The shit.

This year, I had lofty plans to carve an adorable Minnie Mouse to keep with my Disney theme. I found the pattern online months ago and couldn’t wait to carve it. Thennnn my plans got ruined. I completely spaced and forgot to print it out at work. Our printer at home broke forever ago and we don’t use one enough to go buy one so I was stuck without Minnie.

And let’s face it. I ain’t no artist.

Seeing as I’m artistically challenged, I decided to play it safe and carve Jill (Jack-o-lantern’s prissy sister). Cousie D and hubs carved Jacks. Together we made one adorable punkin family.


Seriously, how adorable is hubs itty bitty pumpkin?!

Tomorrow, I will be doing a repeat of last years costume. It is just too fabulous not to get some use out of it. Expect some Cinderella pictures soon!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

What are you dressing up as?



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7 responses to “I ain’t no artist

  1. I’m pretty impressed with that Cinderella, but I accept and love your little punkin family as well.

  2. I am awful at craving pumpkins, but I still have fun doing it. I usually find a pattern online to trace since I have zero creativity.

  3. I think they turned out great! I don’t carve at all I leave it up to the hubs!

  4. Hey those look good to me! Better than any carving i could pull of…

  5. That Cinderella pumpkin is pretty much the most impressive thing I have EVER seen!!!

  6. I’m impressed by all of the carvings. I don’t think I’ve cut up a pumpkin (for anything other than dinner) since elementary school!

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