I’m back, bitchez!


Oh wait… What’s that? I missed Halloween?!?! Damn. Well, how about…

Happy ELECTION DAY!!! Go rock the vote!!!

Oh… I missed that too?! Jeeeeze!

I guess all I can say is… I’M BACK BITCHEZZZZZ!! 😀

Lots has been happening in the world of skippinginseattle over the past several weeks, but things are starting to calm down now. That seriously makes me a happy camper.

So remember how I was going to be Cinderella for Halloween? Well, the pics are just TOO GOOD to not share.


My princess bud had the most gorgeous belle costume made. We were a HIT!!!

In my building, there is a Halloween parade for the kids in the daycare. Belle and I decided to surprise the kids by showing up at their parade. The little girls FLIPPED out!!! One of my favorite convos:

Little girl dressed up like Cinderella: “CINDERELLA!!!!!!” (Proceeds to throw herself in my arms)
Little girl: “Are you the real Cinderella?”
Me: “Yes, I am!”
Little girl: “Where do you come from?”
Me: “Disneyland!!”
Little girl: “I’ve seen your movie.”

It was seriously the coolest thing ever seeing how happy we made these kids. For a few minutes in their life, fairy tales were real. So flipping cool.

In other news, Election Day was a big day for me at work. I had been working for MONTHS in anticipation for it. My work ended up being a big success which was a huge stress reliever. Now, my life is slowly getting back to normal. Hell, now I can even start running again. THANK GOD. I get so feisty when I am not able to workout. I’m sure hubs can’t wait for me to pound the pavement again.

Happy Monday everyone!!



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12 responses to “I’m back, bitchez!

  1. Welcome back 🙂 Love the Cinderella costume!

  2. Awesome costumes, and good job playing the part!

  3. Welcome back….nice costume btw….

  4. Welcome back girlfriend!!!!

  5. I want to know the story of that Cinderella costume. I was once Cinderella for halloween, but my costume was not the impressive!

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