Five For Friday

1. Random fact of the day: Not one, but TWO people found my blog yesterday by searching for the phrase “naked hoochie mamas.” True Story. Sorry guys, you won’t be seeing this hoochie mama naked on this blog. Don’t be too heartbroken about it.

2. The MUSTACHE DACHE is tomorrow! I didn’t get a chance to pick up my bib today, so I will have to get it early in the AM. I am SO excited to see some of my favorite bloggy buds.

3. I saw the “midnight” showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night. Apparently midnight equals 10pm now. Fine by me because that meant an extra two hours of sleep before dragging my tired ass into work.

I gotta say, I actually enjoyed the movie. Breaking Dawn Part 1 was AWFUL. And let’s face it, none of the movies are that fantastic. But, I think this one just might be my favorite one of the whole saga. Well done, Twilight, well done.

4. Did I mention that I wore an authentic Forks Spartans t-shirt to the theater? Years ago, my friend made her boyfriend go to Forks with her so she could go to Forks High School and get shirts for me and my other friend. Yeah, she is awesome.

5. It’s Fridayyyyy! Come to me my delicious pizza and Bud Light Lime.

Happy weekend everyone!!



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5 responses to “Five For Friday

  1. When I was in Seattle 2 years ago, I tried getting my friend who lived in Bellevue to drive me to Forks. He wouldn’t do it. He isn’t a friend anymore for other reasons. lol I’ll get their eventually!

  2. I’ve totally gone out to Forks! We went down to Second Beach and some seriously gothed out people were not pleased at it being an actual trail. Made this pseudodidigoth giggle.

    See you in the AM!

  3. My cousins WENT to Forks High School so I have a sweatshirt. I used to wear it all of the time.
    Have fun at the race today! I am excited to see the pictures of you fabulous ladies. 🙂

  4. Have fun at the Mustache dash!

  5. Love #1! I want to google it just to see what else might pop up. ha! Breaking Dawn 2 is on my to-do list with the daughter unit. Maybe this weekend?! 🙂

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