Wow. What a weekend.

Friday night, hubs and I got home SUPER late from work. It was after 8pm when we walked into our house. I was exhausted but we still had our usual pizza and Bud Light Lime. I seriously love our Friday night tradition. I ended up passing out super early, which was good since The Mustache Dache was on Saturday.

Ya… About that race…

I SLEPT THROUGH FOUR FREAKING ALARMS!!!! How is it physically possible for someone to do that? Normally on race mornings, I end up waking up before my first alarm goes off. I ended up waking up at 9:30. The race started at 10 and it is a 30 minute drive. Even if I quickly threw my race outfit on and immediately left, with parking, I never would have made it on time. I was so bummed because I ended up missing out on pics like this:


All I know is that my body obviously needed rest. I guess it’s good that it finally got it. Me and my fu Manchu will get you next year, Mustache Dache.

Sunday, I spent ALL day stalking my friend Erika as she completed Ironman Arizona. Talk about inspiration.


She swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and then ran 26.2 miles and finished in the upright position with an amazing smile on her face.

She inspired me so much that immediately after watching the live video of her finishing, I laced up my Mizunos and ran! It had been way too long since my last run. I did some intervals and my lungs were screaming. I kept telling myself ‘Erika just went 140.6 miles, so I can complete this little run.’ It felt great.

Work has started to slow down a bit, it has been a while since I last raced… I’m feeling ready to get back into the swing of things. I swear Erika was JUST the inspiration I needed.

What would be the first thing you would eat after going 140.6 miles



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3 responses to “Inspired

  1. A pizza. I think. I think I would want anything and everything! I need a buffet. and a nap for sure! Congrats to her. Can’t wait to read her recap.

  2. I am sorry that you missed out on the race! I have almost done that before, but it wasn’t my fault, it was my husband’s fault. I almost missed my race, but luckily there is no traffic in Spokane so we made it with less than 5 minutes to spare. He felt so awful that he ran the race too. It was 10 miles and he doesn’t run. Joke was on him, LOL.
    Wasn’t it so fun watching the live finishing video. I didn’t even know any of those people and they were still inspiring to me. I thought that they all looked fabulous! I don’t want to know what I would have looked like!

  3. You are so sweet – thank you for tracking me all day and for that great picture! I’m so sorry you missed the race, but sounded like your body was telling you to REST!!! šŸ™‚
    Let’s get together soon – I miss your face!

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