Straight No Chaser

After work last night, I met up with some of my girlies to go see Straight No Chaser at McCaw Hall right next to the space needle. If you have not heard of Straight No Chaser, then run… Don’t walk… To your nearest YouTube. They are an all male a Capella group that I first heard of several years ago on YouTube.

They started back in 1996 while they were all in college, but they didn’t get “discovered” until their 10 year college reunion in 2006. Before their reunion, one of the members put some of their old videos up on YouTube. One video in particular received millions of views in just a couple weeks. One of those people who watched it happened to be the head of a record label… And the rest is history.


Don’t mind my terrible picture…

Oh my goodness, these guys were so much fun. AND so freaking talented!!! Their version of Fix You is absolutely to die for, especially live. As I type this, I am purchasing all their albums. Can you tell I’m a fan?! Haha

You know it’s Xmas time when the space needle is decked out to look like a Christmas tree!!


Other fun news is that MY GLASSES CAME IN YESTERDAY!!! You guys… It is like a whole new world has opened up. I can actually see stuff!! It is amazing!!!


Anddddd I need to be banned from self portraits…

It was a glorious rest day for me yesterday, but I am definitely looking forward to getting my run in tonight! I feel like this past week of great runs has totally made me excited for my runs again. Such a great feeling.

What are you training for?!

What’s your favorite SNC song?


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  1. I love your glasses!!!! They are so cute!

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