It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Monday already?!?! That’s just can’t be right!!

It was another fab weekend mostly because Christmas has officially thrown up in the Skipping in Seattle household!


I just love getting our house all festive. It totally set the mood for my online shopping marathon that I also had this weekend. I am SO close to being done shopping for Christmas gifts! Just two more people to buy for!

Speaking of shopping, I went to the Nordstrom Private Holiday Party on Thursday night with my coworker. Oh. My. Word. THAT is a good time.


Yes, you are reading that correctly. Dessert and champagne were served to us as we shopped. We were shopping, eating, trying on clothes, and next thing i know… THREE hours had gone by!! Needless to say, I did some damage.


Those are a few things I snagged for myself. The sweater on the top left is actually going back. I don’t love it on me as much as I thought I did at the store. It hangs weird at the bottom. The shirt on the top right looks wayyyyy cuter in person. And those Toms. I DIE!!! They are so very me. I’m a little obsessed with them.

I also shopped for my niece and for my sister but those gifts will have to be kept a secret until after Christmas. 😉


Ok, since this is a running blog, I need to talk about running. Something kinda humongous happened last night.


Yes, you are reading that correctly. I did a 5k in 30:27!!!!! Since I’m sure most of you don’t recall, my current 5k PR is 31:16. It has been my PR for over a freaking year now. It is sooo time for it to burn a fiery death. It is looking like all of these dang interval runs are paying off!

Now, don’t get me wrong… That 30:27 was far from easy for me. My lungs were burning like hell AND I had to stop to walk a couple times. Even with the walking, I was able to come out with a 9:49 average pace! I will SO take it! Now if only my body would cooperate on race day so I can OFFICIALLY kick this PR to the curb!

Proof that I was a seriously schwety mess after that run:


Ahhhh endorphins. Does a body good.

Which pesky PR race distance is your biggest hurdle right now?



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4 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Hey we shared the exact same post tille today! Great minds think alike am I right?

  2. I like the snowflakes that you added to your page- so fun & festive! I also love your tree and I am super jealous of your Nordstrom shopping experience AND your fun finds. Love those Toms!!!! Congrats on the PR too- that is awesome! Keep it up little lady.

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