Nuun Ambassador!

So, I never officially mentioned it on here, but right around Christmas time, I was asked to officially be a brand ambassador for Nuun!!! Of course, my initial reaction upon receiving the email was:


I am more than proud to represent this company. I truly believe in the product itself as well as all of the people behind the curtains. Before Nuun, I drank a 1/2 Gatorade 1/2 water concoction on my long runs. It was awful. Sure, it got the job done, but it was so dang sugary and left a gross film in my mouth. No bueno. Nuun solved all of that for me.

Leg cramping? Gone. Stomach issues from sugary drinks? Gone.

Sorry, I probably sound like a walking (or is it typing?) advertisement right now, but I am so dang excited to represent this company at future races. Ooooh and I’ll get to rock this bad boy soon!!! Woot! I preordered mine today! You can get one too here!!


Speaking of races… On a whim, I took advantage of a Zozi deal and signed up for the Valentine’s Day Dash at Greenlake this weekend! It is the same one I ran last year with TriGirl, Rebecca, and Ann Marie!

One of my coworkers recently started running and so I will be running with her to bring her across her very first race finish line ever!!! No PR attempt for me this time, but I have BIG plans for that in the near future! I can’t wait for my coworker to experience that runners high from crossing the finish!

When was your very first race? What distance was it?



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22 responses to “Nuun Ambassador!

  1. rachelleq1

    Congrats! Good luck this weekend:) I ran the v-day race with my husband many many years ago. It’s much bigger now. Very first race was the San Diego RNR marathon. 26.2:)

  2. How exciting, congratulations!! I love Nuun, can’t wait for the Watermelon & Cherry Limeade flavors to be released!

    My very first race was a 10K. Fun fact :: I was actually registered for my first half marathon before I signed up for that 10K!

  3. woot woot! Can’t wait to sport our singlets at a race in the spring!!

  4. Jen

    How fun to be a nuun ambassador! I am doing the valentines day run this year…no plans for a PR, just have fun runnign with friends.

  5. Congrats! I too am running the Valentines Day Dash! This will be the mans first 5k. I’m excited for him! Have fun!

  6. Nice that sounds pretty awesome! Enjoy…

  7. Woot woot for Nuun!! So happy for you and they are lucky to have you!! Wish I could come down this weekend for the 5k!! One of these times — I’m coming down and we are going for a run!! xo

  8. I talked to hubs about the Zozi undie v-day run, and he said, “NO WAY,” so I didn’t attempt for the Valentines Day Dash. I hope it’s a good race! My first race was a half marathon…I still don’t quite “get” 5ks…I hate going fast! I hate it!

  9. I am so stinking excited for my singlet to come!!!!! I wished that I would have it in time for my half marathon in San Fran….but oh well!

    Have fun at your race this weekend and good luck!

    My first race was the 800 meter in grade school. 🙂

  10. Yay!! Congrats to you!

    I am passing on the race this year–it was expensive and crowded 😛

  11. I’m so excited for you!!! Congratulations – we should have celebrated more on Saturday night (I hadn’t read this before hand!)
    Well deserved, my lovely friend!

  12. Congratulations this is so exciting!! My first race was December 2011, a measly 5K! It’s fun to look back and see how far I’ve come!

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