Five for Friday

1. Mr. Postman delivered some new flavor Nuun goodness to me yesterday!! I ordered a box of Watermelon and a box of Cherry Limeaid and ohhhh buddy, my taste buds were happy on my run last night.


2. Speaking of my run last night… It was one of those runs that makes you remember why you love doing it so much. I did intervals that absolutely kicked my ass. I was sweating up a storm and my legs were quivering and I loved every second of it. I did my intervals at about a 9:15 pace and recovered at about a 12 min pace. It was seriously amazing. I SOOO want to PR the shit out of my next race.

3. Speaking of racing… I signed up for the West Seattle 5k. I freaking love this race. It is a smallish, extremely flat run along Alki “beach.” Beach is in quotes, because let’s face it, this California native knows what a real beach looks like. 😉 This race currently holds my PR and I am friggin determined to crush the hell out of it.

4. My Nuun racing singlet is scheduled to be delivered today!!!! I have been anxiously waiting for it to come! I can’t wait to rock it at my next race. Doesn’t it just SCREAM PR?!


5. It’s not 100% yet, but I am pretty sure I am doing Rock N Roll San Diego again this year. I told myself I wasn’t going to. I wanted to make this a light running and racing year. But they just HAD to go and change the course on me. Now I HAVE to do it! I mean… I am pretty sure this elevation chart was MADE for me.


Mostly flat and a downhill finish?! Seriously? Sign me up! I will let you know as soon as I pull the trigger but I’m pretty sure it is going to happen. PLUS, hubs and I were wanting to get out to SD to see our fam too. So, it makes the whole thing that much more awesome!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all drink some green beer this weekend! 🙂



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5 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. JINX…I’m about to post a very similar 5 things Friday…namely over the excitement of the Nuun singlet. We must do a race soon so we can takeover with our new singlets! When is the West Seattle 5K?

  2. I cant wait for my singlet. Currently stalking UPS like a PT job.

    Your PR comment was hilarious! I want to PR the shit outta every race 🙂

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