Weekend recap

Wow, what a great weekend. It absolutely flew by (but what weekend doesn’t?!). It started out with this happening…


Hell yaaaa!!! I just couldn’t stay away. This is my third year in a row running this race and I couldn’t be more pumped up for it.

Then this happened…


My singlet came!!! Wooooo!!! I seriously love it. Besides being slightly too big, I think it’s perfect! I can’t wait to rock it at the West Seattle 5k!

Then this happened…


Lemonade flavored Nuun accompanied me on a glorious 3 mile run. I was so dang schwety after. My legs loved it!

Then this happened…

Yep, I went on a long ass walk. I decided that I am going to incorporate some walks on what would normally be my rest days. My body may not be able to handle running every day but that won’t stop me from being active! Plus I got to see gorgeous views like this:


Amazing. Goodness I love where I live! AND I got to do it with one of my fav people ever!!

Add in some major plankage, ab work, and book reading and you have my kick ass weekend. So relaxing! JUST what I needed!

What was the best part of your weekend?



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8 responses to “Weekend recap

  1. West Seattle is so gorgeous! I just found your blog and it’s amazing finding another blogger from the Seattle area 🙂

  2. *Sigh* I love the west coast. So pretty!!

    Yay for signing up for the RnR San Diego Half — and you Nuun Singlet!! That does sound like a fantastic weeekend.

  3. I love that you signed up for SD again!
    I can’t wait to try out Lemonade today at work. I love the cherry limeade, it ROCKS!

  4. DanaD

    Love Alki walking (and talking!) Def the best part of my weekend too!

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