Happy April; March Recap

Guys. It is APRIL! Can you believe it? Where the hell does time go?

March seriously kicked ass in the workout department. Let’s break it down a bit just so we can see just how much it kicked ass.

Total mileage in January: 2.25 miles.

Yeah, that is real. I sucked it up. I was super sick most of the month. No bueno.

Total mileage in February: 11.76 miles.

Hell of a lot better than 2 miles but a far cry from a successful month. Way to start 2013 off with a bang, huh.

Total mileage for March: 42.22 miles.

BOOM babyyyy!! That’s what I’m talkin ’bout. Yeah, that is how many miles a lot of people do in a week, but not me. This is a great number for me, especially when it is only the beginning of half mary training.

None of the above mileage totals include my biking miles. I don’t really keep track of those. I know, I know… Queue horrified expression. I use biking purely as cross training and it doesn’t excite me to keep track of the numbers like it does with running.

What else happened in March? I got to see amazing views such as this:


And this:


I ate my very first Red Mill burger:

Verdict? I foresee a special place on my ass where all the red mill burgers I am destined to eat will live. Yeah, they are that good.

I also tried gel nail polish for the very first time:

The verdict? I will be going to Sally beauty ASAP to load up on allll kinds of colors. This stuff is da bomb. (Does anyone say da bomb anymore? No? Just me? It’s cool. )

Number of books read this month: 12

Favorite book read this month: Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

It was indeed a great month, but I’m really looking forward for a speedy April.

What was your favorite part of March?



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2 responses to “Happy April; March Recap

  1. Um, you failed to mention you bought a sweet new ride!
    My favorite part of March was the fact that we ended on a high note of 75 degrees yesterday. Woohoo. Bring it summer!

  2. March went by so fast – I can’t believe it over!!

    Nice job upping your miles — and those views and burger look gorgeous 🙂

    Happy April!!

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