F U Cancer

Ok, time for a serious post. If you only ever read one of my posts, please let it be this one.

A week and a half ago, a girl I went to elementary school and high school with passed away from Melanoma. She fought a long battle against the cancer, but she lost the battle at only 27 years old. 27 YEARS OLD!!

I wasn’t close with her. She was a little older than me. I merely just knew who she was. That fact doesn’t matter though. What matters is that a vibrant amazing young woman was taken too young by something that can be prevented.

One thing she was asking before she passed was for her friends and family to get regular checkups at the dermatologist. I am 25 years old and have never been to the dermatologist. How that is possible when I have the skin of a 13 year old, I have no idea. Her story inspired me though. I immediately scheduled an appointment. I go in on April 11 for my first ever checkup.

What do I wish you take away from this blog post?

I hope you go immediately and make a dermatologist appointment.

I hope you wear sunscreen every single day.

I hope you get the hell out of those damn tanning booths.

I hope you cover up if you have to go outside in the sun.

I hope you do whatever you can to prevent burning. According to skincancer.org, suffering five or more sunburns doubles your lifetime risk of getting skin cancer.

Most of the people that read this blog are runners. As runners, we are outside a lot. It is so freaking important to take preventative measures to insure our skin is safe while we are doing what we love.

Please Please PLEASE comment below, tweet me (@skippinginsea), or email me (skippinginseattle@gmail.com) telling me that you are either scheduling an appointment or that you just went. And if you can’t go because you don’t have insurance, please tell me that you will do self assessments. Don’t know how to do a self assessment? Read this page: Step by Step Self Examination.

27 years old guys. That is way too flipping young. Please spread the word, get checked out, and do what you can to prevent this from happening to you.



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6 responses to “F U Cancer

  1. Bethany

    Any age is too young. I have had a pre cancerous mole removed. I do not sit in the sun and use sunscreen everyday. Cancer sucks! Do your best to prevent it.

  2. AGREED! I still have friends that go to the tanning booth and no matter how often I tell them not to go, they just wont listen! ugh, frustrating. F U Cancer is right!

  3. Yes, wear sunscreen…even when it is overcast!!!!! 27 is so young! I feel so bad for her family. 😦

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