How to do speed work

Step 1.

Make sure you are in a major time crunch.

Step 2.

Make sure step 1’s time crunch forces you to have to send work emails in an extremely timely manner.

Step 3.

Run your freaking ass off on the treadmill until you are required to respond to a work email.

Step 4.

Stop running and send work email.

Step 5.

Realize you only have 3 minutes until you have to send the next email.

Step 6.

Go balls to the wall for the next 3 minutes. I mean, really make those legs hurt.

Step 7.

Send the next email.

Step 8.

Realize this is the most ridiculous workout you have done in a long time but its working because you are sweating like a friggin pig.

Step 9.

Lather, rinse, repeat steps 5-8 until you complete your desired distance.


No joke… This was my run last night. I felt so ridiculous having to stop every few minutes to send an email out, but damn, my legs were quivering by the end. That’s gotta count for something, right?! The art of multitasking was in high force. In the end, my speed work sesh kicked ass AND I completed my work tasks successfully. I may have to try out this form of speed work more often.

P.S. Have you noticed that little countdown on the left hand side of my page? No? Well, it just so happens to say that my PR 5k race is in 24 freaking days!!!! How did that happen so fast? In just over 3 weeks, I am going to put all this speed work to the test.

P.P.S. Have you seen the Boston Strong BIC bands that are available for pre order?

boston_band_preorder__46575.1366743860.1280.1280The ENTIRE purchase prices goes to “The One Fund Boston” in order to help families affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. It makes me love BIC Bands even more. I preordered mine! I hope it comes in time to wear to the RnR SD half marathon! 🙂

P.P.P.S. Enter my Nuun Giveaway!!! You have until tomorrow!


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  1. Nice speed work, you are a great multi tasker! I love all of the Boston fundraisers going on right now. I bought a shirt that I can pick up at Fleet Feet tomorrow. I love that headband though…might also need to order that!

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