Rock n Roll Seattle 2013 Race Recap

Word of warning, this is going to be really long and most likely really sappy.


I am having a hard time putting into words what I feel about this race. I think it is safe to say that it is my favorite race to date. BUT it was far from all rainbows and butterflies. Let me break it down to the good, the bad, the ugly, and the bloody awesome (gotta end on a positive note, right?).

The Good:

  • Rock N Roll changed up the course a little bit this year. I had no idea until Danielle commented on my previous post. THANKS DANIELLE!!! Essentially, they took out all the crappy parts of last years race, with the exception of the huge ass hill at the very end. That bitch is still there. And yes, it is still a bitch. The changes they made were perfection. I think it totally highlights some gorgeous parts of Seattle. PLUS, there are a lot of downhill stretches and we all know the downhills rock my world.


  • I also got to share my Nuun and Zensah love with other runners. I had multiple people ask me about Nuun (since I was wearing my singlet and tats) and my Zensah calf sleeves (since I was wearing my lime green ones). I love sharing the love of great products.
  • I also got to meet up with a bunch of fellow lady bloggers before the start of the race for a pic. While our group is much smaller than last year, these people are JUST as fab!20130624-183404.jpg

The Bad:

  • My stomach started cramping up about a quarter mile AFTER I passed a porta potty (TMI?). I never ended up stopping, but it would cramp up off and on for a stretch of about 3 miles. It wasn’t anything completely debilitating, but it wasn’t exactly fun.


The Ugly:

  • A little before mile 8, I was trying to be a courteous runner. I noticed a much faster runner coming up behind me so I thought I’d move over to the grass and out of their way. I clearly did not pay enough attention because I ended up stepping right into a divot in the grass. This caused my knee to hyperextend at a weird angle. It hurt like a B.My racing mind clearly can’t do math. The whole time I was thinking, GREAT I have 4 more miles. I even tweeted that I had to hobble for FOUR miles. Uhmm… Hey, Einstein… I had over 5 miles to go!! I was a little in denial at first. I kept telling myself “oh, it doesn’t hurt” and to “suck it up.” It wasn’t until a little after mile 9 until I realized that it hurt a bloody lot. I kept going back and forth between walking a TON and then attempting to run. I repeated this whole process the whole rest of the race.There were some amazing downhill stretches that it absolutely KILLED me to walk through. Downhill is my jam. It is seriously my favorite but I just couldn’t run for longer than a couple minutes at a time without the pain being too much.

    The last five miles took me about an hour and twenty or so minutes to push through. Yeah, it was THAT brutal.

The Bloody Awesome:
And here is where my race report gets SUPER LONG.

There were SO many moment flipping amazing moments in this race. I’ll try to get them all down here.

  • The crowd support! Oh good lord the crowd support! These ladies absolutely rocked my world!!!

    I got to see a group of my running ladies TWICE on the course. Sarah, Rebecca, Meghan, Andrea, Lauren, Rira, Dawn, Tyler, and anyone else I missed… YOU GUYS ARE FLIPPING AMAZING. The first time I saw them was at about mile 2.5 or so. We ran right by Nuun HQ and so the ladies were out there hydrating the masses.

    I got to see them again at about mile 10. At this point, I was hurting really bad but I saw my friends up ahead and it gave me that boost I needed so desperately.

    Sarah snapped this pic of me. You would never know I was in pain with that goofy grin on my face.

    You ladies were seriously amazing. You have no idea how much it helped knowing I was going to be able to see you all!

  • Other crowd support was amazing too. My favorite sign this year said:

    If a marathon were easy, it’d be called your mom.

    Yeah, that was awesome.

  • Another thing that was bloody amazing? The military tribute at mile 7.

    This part gets me every year. It is so incredibly emotional. This year, it was especially emotional because the song Same Love by Macklemore came on as I was running through here. I don’t ever get political on here and I don’t intend to start, but damn it moved me.

  • The amazingness doesn’t stop there. The running community proved itself to be flipping amazing all over again. As I was limping my way toward the finish line, a fellow runner stopped, tapped me on the shoulder and told me I can do it. If that doesn’t make you tear up, I don’t know what would. She was a tenth of a mile from the finish, but she cared enough to motivate me when she could see I was struggling. Amazing. Thank you, amazing woman. You have no idea what that meant to me.
  • And last but certainly not least, the outpouring of support from all of you on my blog and on Twitter was absolutely mind blowing. From all of the “Good Lucks” to all the “heal fast” messages I received, I am absolutely blown away and humbled. You all are fab! Thank you SO much!

Woooo! Ok, all done being sappy. *wipes tears away* Seriously, if you ever get the opportunity to run this course, DO IT. It is beautiful, challenging, emotional, and all around flipping awesome. I am already signed up for next year! 😉



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8 responses to “Rock n Roll Seattle 2013 Race Recap

  1. Oh no! I didn’t know you got hurt!! I always hurt myself doing stuff like that too–sidestepping a dog, jumping off the curb to avoid a group of walkers…boo. How are you today??
    I felt bad that I didn’t end up doing the race this year, but there’s always next year!

    • Thanks girl! I’m glad I’m not the only one that does stuff like that! Haha I am doing much better today. Every day my knee feels a little better. I’m hoping to be back and running soon! 🙂 and we missed you this year too!!!! You have to do it next year! We need to get the whole gang back!! 🙂

  2. la rira

    You looked so happy that I would have never even guessed you were hurt at mile 10. You rocked it!

  3. What a great recap. I must run this race next year for sure! Maybe they will take the hill out just for me? Ha, I know that they won’t, but I can dream it. It wouldn’t happen to be the same hill as the hot chocolate run would it? That hill was a complete bitch.

    Sorry about your knee. 😦 How does it feel now????

    • You HAVE to do it next year! I am not sure if the hill is the same as hot chocolate. It is the hill on 3rd and Mercer if that helps! Haha it’s SOOO hard!

      Knee is doing better every day! Wanted to try to run on it today but it wasn’t very happen. I’m trying to play it safe. 🙂

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear about your knee. That really sucks. 😦

    My only complaint on the course is how poorly measured it was. I’ve seen Garmin read outs showing anywhere from 13.48 to 13.8 miles. That is just way too long for a company with the assets Rock ‘n’ Roll/Competitor have (especially when they added that funky/ridiculous little out and back before we turned OFF Rainier).

    Okay I also wish they would find a way to not have half the course be freeway running. Yuck. 😦

  5. Great job, Stacie! This was a great post to read! When you talked about the lady who motivated me in the end, it made me feel all warm an fuzzy and makes me want to go for a run right now. Again, great job and I hope that knee heals quick! I wish I would’ve raced this one! Hopefully I’ll see you at another race

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