And I’m feelin good

I went back and forth with whether to talk about this or not, but I’ve never been one to hold back. So, why the hell not…

I started Weight Watchers a little over a week ago.

There. I said it. That makes it real.

Don’t worry. I’m not delusional. I don’t think I’m fat by any means. Honestly, here’s what happened. I weighed myself. Yep. That’s all it too for me to snap out of my poor eating decisions.

I truthfully wouldn’t care what the scale said if I felt good, but I have been feeling like a freaking slob kabob all the time. Seriously. I’m a freaking sloth. It’s awful. I couldn’t figure out what my deal was, so I weighed myself. Usually my weight is pretty damn indicative of my “healthy living” choices… Or lack thereof. I kid you not, when I stepped on that scale, I was three pounds away from my highest weight ever. No freaking wonder I feel gross all the time!

So, I decided to take action! I started weight watchers. It is less about losing weight and more about realizing what I am putting in my body. I love that you don’t count calories with WW too. Your body needs calories to thrive, so why restrict your body of what it needs?! Instead, I am paying attention to the quality of food I am consuming. It’s something I should always be mindful of, but it can be really hard. I love me some pizza and burgers and beer and margs. Yep. That spells trouble.

I had my first weigh in today after being on WW for one week. Verdict? I am down 2.6 pounds. Not too shabby. I definitely splurged a little this weekend too since we were celebrating hubs birthday. I love that WW allowed me to do that without that lingering guilt. This is the first time I have ever done a real dieting program, but I have to say that I’m lovin it.

Something else fantastic? I started my speedwork training plan today! On tap for today was 30 minutes at an easy pace. I ran 2.55 miles in 30 minutes. While the pace was easy, my sweat was no joke.


I’m usually not much of a sweater. My face gets bright red, but I just don’t sweat much. This workout was a different story. I was sweatin’ up a storm! Like, slip n slide status.

Tomorrow’s training calls for 45 min – 1 hour cross training. I love me some cross training.

Have you ever done WW?

Are you a sweater?



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2 responses to “And I’m feelin good

  1. I am the biggest sweater ever. You should see me when I run before farmgirlfit and then show up there for a workout. Major slip n slid status going on with tons of odd stares from other women.
    Never done WW before, but I know people that have had success with it. Good luck!

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