Five for Friday

1. Normally Friday is always my rest day. I come home, eat pizza, drink beer, and say cheers to kickin another work week’s booty. I sit on my lazy ass and enjoy every second of it. My new training plan has something different in mind. I have a moderate effort cross training plan in the books. SOOO prior to enjoying my splurge eating night, I biked 7.4 miles in 30 minutes.

The verdict? I actually loved it. It woke me from my Friday night work week coma that I tend to find myself in. This could be a very good thing.

2. Tomorrow, hubs and I are going to the Woodland Park Zoo! We have lived in Seattle for 2 1/2 years and are just now exploring all these landmarks. I love it! It is all inspired by his latest photography hobby! I’m most excited about feeding the elephants!!!


3. I have 5 miles on tap for Saturday too. I’m still deciding whether to wake up early and knock it out or if I should do it Saturday night. Knowing me, I’ll end up doing it Saturday night. Mornings and I don’t get along.


4. I am still kicking ass on Weight Watchers. With the exception of my pizza tonight, I have been spot on and eating healthier than I have in years. I gotta say, it feels freaking good. I weigh in on Monday, so I’ll report the stats then. Honestly though, even if I end up gaining weight, I won’t care because I’m finally feeling good again. I still have a lot of work but I feel a difference and that’s all that matters to me.

[Biggest blackberry of my life]

5. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I think I’m officially a Brooks running shoe convert. I’ll post all about it soon. I wanted to get some miles under my belt first before I did. I’m seriously in love though. They feel so good and my bum knee is so happy in them.


Plus they are freaking cuuuuute! Run happy, folks!


Running shoe love: What brand do you run in?



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14 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. Make sure to check out the free rose garden on the south side of the zoo along 50th. So, so, so beautiful.

  2. And I run in a combo of Brooks and Hokas….

  3. I ♥ that you ♥ Brooks!!!! I have been a religious wearer since 2002. Best shoes ever.
    Great job on the biking too! That is my new obsession. Makes me happy.
    Have fun at the zoo!!!

    • I never thought I would switch from Mizunos, but oh man I just want to stay in my Brooks all day!! They are amazing!

      Good luck at your race pretty lady! I’m loving reading all about your tri training!

      • I have tried multiple pairs of Brooks shoes. It looks like you are rocking the Glycerins…correct? I have heard great reviews on the new model. I love my Pure Flows for crossfit and for running switch between the Ghost or Adrenaline. I also race in the Flows or use them for shorter distances.

        My race was so much fun. I already want to do another one, but I don’t think there are any left for the rest of summer that work with my schedule. Boo. 😦

        • Yeah! I’m running in the new Glycerins. They are so light but have so much support. I really love them. I also have the Ghosts but they seem to run slightly bigger. I use them mostly for when I go on long walks. I think I’d have to go down a half size to run very far in them. My Mizunos were always so heavy so it’s great to get the support in a lightweight shoe!

          I’m so happy to hear your race was awesome. I see an iron man in your future girl!

  4. Good job on your training!!!! I bet you felt better eating some delish pizza!!! Congrats on weight watchers too’ you’re kicking butt girlfriend!

  5. I love my Brooks!! I have a pair of Mizunos that I just wear for short runs because they’re minimal-y. Welcome to the Brooks side 🙂

  6. Love the Zoo. We have been here almost a year and it is a goto spot when someone visits. Also love Brooks.

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