Races, Race Discounts, and Running… Oh MY!

It seems like whenever I plan on stepping away from races to focus on speed work, I discover all these races that I just HAVE to run. Every time. Without fail.

Snohomish River Run Half Marathon & 10K

This race is on October 27th this year. I am SO looking forward to it because it is just over 3 months out which gives me lots of time to prepare to kick some major 10K arse. The course is supposed to be nice and flat too which makes it RIGHT up my ally.

Come run it with me and use coupon code SKIPPINGSRR13 for $10 off your entry!!!

Color Me Rad Seattle

This race is on August 10th at Marymoor Park. Now, I am not usually one for having goop thrown at me during a race, but I am seriously considering volunteering for it. It could be REALLY fun throwing goop at other people!

If you plan on running it, use coupon code SEATTLECHILDREN10 and you’ll get 10% off and the race organizers will donate to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Wanna volunteer? Seattle Children’s Hospital will receive $75 for every volunteer they provide! That is HUGE! If you are interested please email katie.fath@seattlechildrens.org and she will get you signed up with their race coordinator at Color Me Rad. Race coordinators will assign jobs when you sign in on race day to volunteer.

Volunteer positions they are looking to fill:
Packet Pick Up Thurs Aug 8th 9am-2:30pm
Packet Pick Up Thurs Aug 8th 2:30pm -7:30pm
Packet Pick Up Friday Aug 9th 9am -2:30pm
Packet Pick Up Friday Aug 9th 2:30pm -7:30pm
Race Day Saturday Aug 10th 6am-11am
Tear Down Crew Saturday Aug 10th noon-5pm

Who wants to do it with me?!

Mustache Dache 2013


Oh. Em. Gee. I am so flipping excited for this race. Last year I freaking slept through my alarm and MISSED it!! I have no idea how that happened. I had to miss this awesomeness.


I will NOT miss out on the action this year! I am planning on putting together a meetup too so if you wanna run it and meet up, let me know!

Also, sign up through this link here (http://mustachedache-sea-skippinginseattle.eventbrite.com) and use coupon code SkippinginSeattle for 10% off your race entry!!!!

Man, so many great races coming up! Now if work would just calm the eff down, I could actually run. I seriously feel like a big blob these days guys. I have been working 12 hour days for the past 11 or so days straight. Absolutely brutal. By the time I get home, I barely have enough energy to eat dinner and pass the eff out. The most frustrating of all is that I have a kick ass training plan ready for me to follow and focus on speed.

I am legit excited to start it. I am planning on starting it on Monday. Hold me accountable peeps. I don’t care if I am falling asleep on my ‘mill. I want to make it happen!


How do you balance working insane hours and working out?

What races are you running with me?

Also, shout out to everyone running Ragnar Northwest Passage tomorrow! I am so jealous and wish I was going to be there! Can’t wait to follow all of you!



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Red Mango Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies Awesomeness

Sooo I had a really cool thing happen recently. I was contacted by someone who offered to have my try some Red Mango smoothies since they are in the middle of promoting their Red Mango SuperBiotics Smoothies Summer. What the heck is Red Mango?

Red Mango SuperBiotics Smoothies Summer Logo

I had no idea what it was until I moved to Seattle. Apparently they don’t have them in San Diego. Sorry, you SoCal peeps are missin’ out! Red Mango is a Frozen Yogurt chain and they just happen to have smoothies too. Apparently, they are the fastest growing retailers of all-natural frozen yogurt and fresh fruit smoothies. They just launched 22 new super biotic summer smoothies geared towards four different categories:

  • Body Balance: Flavorful and functional yogurt smoothies formulated with beneficial boosts
  • All Fruit Harmony: Dairy-free and soy-free smoothies made only with fruit, juice and ice.
  • Twisted Fruits: Their signature yogurt smoothies offered in new and innovative fruit-forward flavors.
  • Just Kidd’n: Natural snack-sized fruit and yogurt smoothies made for the kiddos

Now, I am a froyo junkie. Like seriously. It’s my lifeline. Hubs thinks I am crazy because I would have NOOOOO problem having froyo for a meal. But goodness gracious the smoothie I tried was da bomb dot com. My favorite part? It was only 150 calories for a regular size. Thank you sir, may I have another.

My coworker and I went to Red Mango on our lunch break to try out the smoothies. It just so happened to be about 85 degrees out so it was the PERFECT day for it. Apparently, other people had the same idea because it was packed!


We both ordered the Mango Melody smoothie but we got yogurt put in it so we gained all the SuperBiotic benefits.


For those of you with dietary constraints, Red Mango is also introducing a brand new line of smoothie boosts that have been formulated to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of today’s health-conscious consumers who find it increasingly important to embrace a wholesome, well-balanced diet. In addition to the protein, energy, immunity and multivitamin boosts currently available, Red Mango has added four new boosts which have been formulated with natural, wholesome ingredients:

  • Metabolic Fit 360™: A proprietary blend of protein, calcium and African Mango which supports metabolic balance and promotes healthy weight management.
  • Dark Chocolate Mate: Finely ground, Brazilian roasted maté and dark chocolate; a delicious, rich, low-calorie flavor which also supplies a nice dose of antioxidants.
  • Tropical Hibiscus: Finely ground, premium Nigerian hibiscus blossoms infused with natural pineapple and lychee; a bright and tropical low-calorie flavor and antioxidant boost.
  • Green Tea Acai: Finely ground, premium green tea with açai berries, the Amazonian superfruit; a low-calorie antioxidant boost made with the best ingredients.

20130717-171802.jpgAnother cool thing, they are offering Club Mango double points July 15-19, 2013. Every registered and opted-in CLUB MANGO member will receive double points for every eligible purchase they make in a participating Red Mango location from July 15-19, 2013. Club Mango points add up and can be redeemed for products at participating Red Mango stores. You’ll receive a $2 reward just for signing up, and for every 500 Mango Points you earn you’ll get a $5 coupon! Earn that free yogurt, peeps!


Clearly, I hated it.

The fine print:
This was a sponsored post for Red Mango. All opinions are my own. And I could seriously use another smoothie right now.

Find Red Mango on Facebook at www.facebook.com/redmango and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/redmango


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Rock n Roll Seattle 2013 Race Recap

Word of warning, this is going to be really long and most likely really sappy.


I am having a hard time putting into words what I feel about this race. I think it is safe to say that it is my favorite race to date. BUT it was far from all rainbows and butterflies. Let me break it down to the good, the bad, the ugly, and the bloody awesome (gotta end on a positive note, right?).

The Good:

  • Rock N Roll changed up the course a little bit this year. I had no idea until Danielle commented on my previous post. THANKS DANIELLE!!! Essentially, they took out all the crappy parts of last years race, with the exception of the huge ass hill at the very end. That bitch is still there. And yes, it is still a bitch. The changes they made were perfection. I think it totally highlights some gorgeous parts of Seattle. PLUS, there are a lot of downhill stretches and we all know the downhills rock my world.


  • I also got to share my Nuun and Zensah love with other runners. I had multiple people ask me about Nuun (since I was wearing my singlet and tats) and my Zensah calf sleeves (since I was wearing my lime green ones). I love sharing the love of great products.
  • I also got to meet up with a bunch of fellow lady bloggers before the start of the race for a pic. While our group is much smaller than last year, these people are JUST as fab!20130624-183404.jpg

The Bad:

  • My stomach started cramping up about a quarter mile AFTER I passed a porta potty (TMI?). I never ended up stopping, but it would cramp up off and on for a stretch of about 3 miles. It wasn’t anything completely debilitating, but it wasn’t exactly fun.


The Ugly:

  • A little before mile 8, I was trying to be a courteous runner. I noticed a much faster runner coming up behind me so I thought I’d move over to the grass and out of their way. I clearly did not pay enough attention because I ended up stepping right into a divot in the grass. This caused my knee to hyperextend at a weird angle. It hurt like a B.My racing mind clearly can’t do math. The whole time I was thinking, GREAT I have 4 more miles. I even tweeted that I had to hobble for FOUR miles. Uhmm… Hey, Einstein… I had over 5 miles to go!! I was a little in denial at first. I kept telling myself “oh, it doesn’t hurt” and to “suck it up.” It wasn’t until a little after mile 9 until I realized that it hurt a bloody lot. I kept going back and forth between walking a TON and then attempting to run. I repeated this whole process the whole rest of the race.There were some amazing downhill stretches that it absolutely KILLED me to walk through. Downhill is my jam. It is seriously my favorite but I just couldn’t run for longer than a couple minutes at a time without the pain being too much.

    The last five miles took me about an hour and twenty or so minutes to push through. Yeah, it was THAT brutal.

The Bloody Awesome:
And here is where my race report gets SUPER LONG.

There were SO many moment flipping amazing moments in this race. I’ll try to get them all down here.

  • The crowd support! Oh good lord the crowd support! These ladies absolutely rocked my world!!!

    I got to see a group of my running ladies TWICE on the course. Sarah, Rebecca, Meghan, Andrea, Lauren, Rira, Dawn, Tyler, and anyone else I missed… YOU GUYS ARE FLIPPING AMAZING. The first time I saw them was at about mile 2.5 or so. We ran right by Nuun HQ and so the ladies were out there hydrating the masses.

    I got to see them again at about mile 10. At this point, I was hurting really bad but I saw my friends up ahead and it gave me that boost I needed so desperately.

    Sarah snapped this pic of me. You would never know I was in pain with that goofy grin on my face.

    You ladies were seriously amazing. You have no idea how much it helped knowing I was going to be able to see you all!

  • Other crowd support was amazing too. My favorite sign this year said:

    If a marathon were easy, it’d be called your mom.

    Yeah, that was awesome.

  • Another thing that was bloody amazing? The military tribute at mile 7.

    This part gets me every year. It is so incredibly emotional. This year, it was especially emotional because the song Same Love by Macklemore came on as I was running through here. I don’t ever get political on here and I don’t intend to start, but damn it moved me.

  • The amazingness doesn’t stop there. The running community proved itself to be flipping amazing all over again. As I was limping my way toward the finish line, a fellow runner stopped, tapped me on the shoulder and told me I can do it. If that doesn’t make you tear up, I don’t know what would. She was a tenth of a mile from the finish, but she cared enough to motivate me when she could see I was struggling. Amazing. Thank you, amazing woman. You have no idea what that meant to me.
  • And last but certainly not least, the outpouring of support from all of you on my blog and on Twitter was absolutely mind blowing. From all of the “Good Lucks” to all the “heal fast” messages I received, I am absolutely blown away and humbled. You all are fab! Thank you SO much!

Woooo! Ok, all done being sappy. *wipes tears away* Seriously, if you ever get the opportunity to run this course, DO IT. It is beautiful, challenging, emotional, and all around flipping awesome. I am already signed up for next year! 😉


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Quick Update

I have SO much to catch you all up on. I just wanted to send a quick message out that I am alive and well and most certainly NOT pregnant. That seems to be a trend right now when bloggers take a little bit of a break. Haha

I went. I saw. I conquered Rock N Roll San Diego half. While I didn’t have any goals in mind for this race, I was slightly disappointed with my performance. More to come on that. I still had an amazing time and I ran my heart out. I was about 4 minutes shy of a PR and wayyyy too far off the elusive sub 2:30 half that I have had my eyes set on for 2 years now.

All is good though, my time be damned. It was seriously a blast being with family and seeing friends. I even ran into one of my favorite Nuunies, Kim, at the expo. And I saw my fellow NuunKOTB-er, Holly, at the airport! It was great catching up with both of them!

Oh! And I managed to get my favorite race pic to date:


Don’t worry, race picture stealing police. I will be buying this one within the next week! 🙂

Hubs also managed to capture a pic of me coming into the finish line!


So glad I went back this year.

Also, Saturday is Rock n Roll Seattle! If anyone is running it, we are gonna do a big group shot at corral 7 at 6:40 am. It was so much fun last year having so many bloggers come in from out of town. While that isn’t happening as much this year, there is still a big group of us doing it.

[Last year’s pre race pic]

So what are my goals for this race? To finish without feeling like I’m going to puke. Ya, that definitely happened at RnR SD. It sucked.

As far as time goals go, I don’t necessarily have any. I want to finish right around 2:45. I mostly plan on running by feel. I want to feel like it’s okay to stop to take pics if I see something pretty. Or to feel like it’s okay to walk up the huge ass hill at mile 5.5. It is a Beautiful course and I really just want to take it all in.

Anyways, that’s my short lil catch up. I promise I have lots to go into detail with soon!

Who’s running RnR Sea this weekend? Come meet at Corral 7 at 6:40!! 🙂


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Number 6!!!!

Here goes nothin!! :)))



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Five for Friday

1. I got new kicks!!


Aren’t they purrrdy?! They are SO much lighter than my old shoes. They are the same kind as my old ones just two models newer. I went from Mizuno Wave Inspire 7’s to Wave Inspire 9’s. So far, so good! Let’s hope these shoes are a winner!

2. Last night, I did a pond walk with Cousie D. It was an amazing day, but look at those clouds that were rolling in!


3. Last weekend I went to see Pentatonix perform at the Showbox in Sodo. I had never heard of them before. Apparently they won The Sing Off…. I totally understand why they did!! Amazeballs.


Go YouTube Pentatonix Thrift Shop and be prepared for awesomeness.

4. I have been starting to put my playlist together for RnR San Diego, and I have come to a realization… The music I like to run to is SUPERRRR inappropriate.

Lollipop by Framing Henley
Thrift shop by Macklemore
Beez in the Trap by Nikki Minaj
Toot it an Boot it by YG

If you are offended by profanity, then definitely don’t add these to your playlist.

Also noteworthy:
Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

5. West Seattle 5k race is this weekend and to be perfectly candid, I’m getting nervous as hell! This has been THE PR race for me and I’m definitely starting to feel the pressure. Ahhh! It’s all about confidence, right?

After the race I have 9 more miles to run. That sounds incredibly daunting but I’m actually really looking forward to it.

Who is racing this weekend?!


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That time I got us lost

Last week’s training was AMAZING. It was absolutely spot-on, and then some. On top of nailing each workout, I was able to get THREE of my workouts done outside. Booom!

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.01 miles on Betty (my treadmill, for those of you that are new here)
Wednesday: 6.2 mile walk along Alki
Thursday: 3 mile PTP (Pond Track Party)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 11 mile long run with Erin around Lake Union
Sunday: Rest

Total Mileage (including walking): 24.21

On Saturday, I had 11 miles on tap. Erin and I planned to run 6 together and I would get the other 5 in prior to meeting up with her.

I was running a little late, so I was only able to get about 2.5 in before meeting up with Erin. I figured I could finish up the couple extra miles after I met up with her.

We decided to run Lake Union, which is basically a 10k loop for anyone that isn’t navigationally deficient. Let me preface this by saying that I have only ran Lake Union ONE other time and that was during a race. You don’t have to think about where you are going during races; you just follow the heard!

We started out chugging along and chatting up a storm. We hit our first hill leading up to the Freemont Bridge and were SO excited to see the bridge was up. Oh DARN. We were FORCED to take a break after running up a hill.

[Squinty eyes compliments of the rare orb in the sky that non Seattlites refer to as the sun. ]

After the bridge went back down, we were able to run across and keep chugging along. We were chatting up a storm and catching some gorgeous views. Before long, we made it to Gas Works Park. Of course, that meant we had to stop for a photo op.


Ugh. That’s hideous.

I knew that the turn to the bridge back to Lake Union Park wasn’t too far away, but I didn’t know exactly where it was. Next thing I knew, we were seeing flags for the University. Uhhhhhh…. Whoops! For those also not familiar with that area, it ended up being about a half mile or more detour. Finally, after asking for directions (because we are awesome like that) we found our way to the bridge we needed to cross.

At that point, we were home free… Until I got the brilliant idea to go down this HUGE ass hill so we could run along the water. That was awesome until we reached A DEAD END. Ya, that really happened. The only way to get where we needed to go was to turn around and go UP that huge ass hill we climbed down. All that to be able to run by the water. Stupid water. At least Erin was a good sport about it. We were both cracking up as we were climbing up the hill.

We made it back to Lake Union park without any other catastrophes. I ended up causing Erin to go well over a mile further than she was planning. Luckily for me, that meant I only had to run one more mile on my own! It was alllll part of my master plan… Muwahahahaha

We went to Cactus after and got the most bomb diggity breakfast.


Fruit bowl, yogurt, and granola. I ate every bite.


11 miles in the books!

Only one more long run and then it’s TAPER TIMEEE!


Have I mentioned how horribly ugly my city is?

Have you ever gotten lost on a run?


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