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Dreadmill Entertainment

Last nights workout:

Ran 3 miles in 33:39 (11:13 pace)
Biked 2.6 miles in 10:16
100 crunches
3×10 pushups
3×20 sec static crunch

Yesterday was supposed to be a cross training day, but since I missed my run on Tuesday, I decided to be a bad ass and do both. I know, I’m so hardcore.

My run was a major hill workout. Brutal, but felt great. I was channeling my inner SUAR and has some LAC (left ass cheek) tightness. I just told myself that it was my cellulite being pissed off that I was giving it an eviction notice. If only it were that easy.


I have started watching Friday Night Lights while I run on Betty. I know, I know… that is SO 5 years ago. The first episode was kind of slow and not very entertaining for being on the ‘ol mill, but the more I watch it, the better it is getting. I’m almost done with Season 1 episode 3. Only like 74 more episodes to go… gotta love Netflix instant streaming on my iPhone.

Friday night lights

I will reserve judgement until I watch more episodes, but so far, I miss working out to the musical genius that is Glee (I know Paula is cringing right now haha). Love that show. The story line is lame and the acting is pretty bad, but the music is AMAZING. ❤


In COMPLETELY unrelated news… these two people should never sit together… EVER.





What entertains you when you have to run on the treadmill?



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Burger Burps

Happy hump day, bloggy friends.

Last nights workout:
3.5 miles in 39:49 (11:23 pace)

Man oh man Betty was a bitch last night. I decided by eenie meanie miney moe very scientifically that Tuesdays are going to be my hill workout days. Geeze I seriously need it.

Betty, my treadmill, has a whole bunch of pre defined workouts such as fartleks, intervals, hills, etc. I decided to start at level one with my hill workout, cuz let’s face it… my ass is weak.

That $4!+ is HARD!!

Normally when I run on Betty, I always have the incline set at 1% to make it more like running outside. Last night, the incline was set to 1 at the very beginning and then I never saw it again. My workout looked like this…

Incline. Time. Speed.
2. 1 min. 4.5-5.5 mph
3. 1 min. 5.5-6 mph
4. 1 min. 5.5 mph

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The only time I let myself walk was during the 2% incline phase. I counted that as my ‘recovery’ stage. I never walked for more than 30 seconds at a time though. Just long enough to catch my breath and grab some water.

I think this run would have been all fine and dandy if I hadn’t eaten a big, fresh, scrumptious burger at our anniversary dinner just moments before bending over for Betty. I thought that I was going to be seeing my burger again. Between that, the burger burps (that’s the name of my new band), and hills, I was crying for mercy big time.


In other news, it has been cold enough in Seattle to justify wearing my new beanie!!!! I am obsessed! I want one in every color now!!


$5.80 at Forever 21 baby!!!!!!!

Do you ever wear beanies?!


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Getting my dread on

It has happened guys. Mr. Postman delivered my little bundle of joy last night! All 6 feet 2 inches and 230 pounds of her!


It’s a beaut Clark, it’s a beaut!

Now let me just tell you how ridiculously hard it was to get a HUGE 230 pound box up stairs and around a tight corner. Holy effin’ moly. Hubs and I took it like a champ.

About 45 minutes, a couple of bruises, and a few scrapes on our walls later, Betty has found her place in our home.


Sweet sweet hubs put her together while I watched, took pictures, and kept asking ‘Are you done yet?’ What a keeper.


After Betty was all set up, I got my run on. It was about 10:30 by that point, so I just did a quick and PAIN FREE 1.25 miles in about 14 minutes.

I can’t wait to get back on her tonight!

I loveeee my Betty.

Do you ever name inanimate objects?


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