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Five for Friday

1. Last night, I had the most epically awesome run in this history of runs. It was a short 30 minute tempo run but I felt amazing the whole time!

It wasn’t my fastest, but I felt STRONG. I got to my cool down and had no desire to cool down so I kept going until my time was up. Runs like those keep you coming back for more.

2. I went to FlyWheel on Wednesday for the first time in a long time. It’s official. I need more FlyWheel in my life. It is the best spin workout I have ever gotten and I have been to a lot of spin places. They make it fun and challenge you and best of all… MOTIVATE you to be the best you can be. I’m not affiliated with FlyWheel at all, I just truly love going. I highly recommend seeing if there is one in your area. Your first class is FREE!

3. Wednesday was Mariners baseball game day at work! In lieu of a summer BBQ, my company decided to give us all a half day off and take us to the ball game.

It. Was. Awesome.


It was my first time at Safeco Field. What a nice ball park! At one point, I even got to get within 5 feet of a catcher practicing in the bullpen!


4. This weekend, we have hubs company summer party and a wine tasting party to go to! The wine tasting party is really just an excuse to get together with our friends. We used to select a region and everyone brought a bottle of wine from that region for everyone to sample. We got to sample some amazing wines this way. This time, however, we are saying ‘screw it’ and everyone is just bringing their favorite bottle. It should be a good time either way!


5. I have a giveaway coming up next week so definitely stay tuned!

Do you ever have themed parties with your friends?



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Flying and Four Eyes

Last night, my Fly Girls and I went to FlyWheel Seattle to get our spin on. Megan joined us too!


Aina was our instructor this time. She is seriously fabulous. I am proud to say that I had a distance PR last night! 23 miles in a 45 minute class!


It felt so dang good to sweat!

Today, I made a BIG leap. I got glasses! Yep, I am starting to get old lady eyes. It is only fitting that a software engineer meganerd has glasses!

My vision is actually fine while I’m on the computer and what not. The trouble comes at night. While I drive at night, all the lights blend together and it is kinda super scary. So, I am officially a four eyed nerd.

Choosing frames is HARD! I spent like 30 minutes going back and forth. My two faves were these:


And yes, I definitely took pictures of myself at the optometrist. Classy.

And the winner was…


THE BOTTOM ONES! They are Kate Spade and are PINK on the inside. They were SO made for me.

Now all I need is a pocket protector!

Do you wear glasses?


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