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First Day!!

Today was my first day of work!! Although I didn’t do much at all, I definitely consider it a success… Ya know, besides the…

… Vomiting my brains out this morning from nerves.
… Nearly getting into an accident on my way there.
… Finding the most disgusting looking bug in my salad at lunch.
… Starving all day long because I have gotten used to eating all day every day.

Yep, goooood day.

All kidding aside, I do think I’m really going to like working here.

For those of you that didn’t read my About Me, I am one of two blond hair blue eye white girls in the world who got a degree in computer science. Not really, but it seems like it 99% of the time. I love what I do. It challenges me every single day and keeps my brain more active than I would like sometimes haha.

While I will surely miss being a stay at home bum, I am really excited to be back into the swing of things. Plus, the paychecks won’t be too bad either 😉

What do you do for work?

P.S. Hubs said we can go check out treadmills this weekend!! Woooo!!!



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