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Friday Motivation

Last nights workout:

Ran 2 miles in 21:22 (10:41 pace)

Biked 10 miles in 40:40

I wanted to keep last nights workout pretty light since I am racing tomorrow. Have I mentioned that already? Only a thousand times? Let’s make it one thousand and one. I AM RACING TOMORROW!!!! WOOOOOOOOO! It has been WAY too long!

Rebecca, TriGirl, and Ann Marie will be there tomorrow as well! To top it all off, this will be Rebecca‘s very first race! Go send her some good luck lovin!


I thought I would start this weekend off right with some Friday motivation.



Very great perspective!!



Yep. That is always the hardest part!



Don’t mind if I do!



There is no way those costumes didn’t chafe the hell out of those guys! Now I kind of want to be a red solo cup for Halloween.

Here is to good runs and good drinks this weekend. Cheers everyone! Happy Friday!



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A princess party for moi?!

First of all, thanks so much for all of the fantastic comments on yesterday’s post. Looks like I won’t be going to running hell after all. 😉

Last nights workout:


After having over a 90 min commute last night (which normally takes 20 if there is traffic), I was so ready for the day to be over! I got home, made dinner, and waited for my food to settle so I could go run. Next thing I know, I woke up and it was bed time. I guess that was my body’s way of telling me to slow the eff down. Whatevs, I’ll make it up tonight.


Soooo this post is a LONG time coming!!! Remember that lil event called MY BIRTHDAY that happened over two months ago?! Ya, well I never recapped the BEST part…

Cousie D threw me a princess party!!! She seriously outdid herself!


She decorated in shiny hot pink steamers, princess confetti, roses, the works! It looked AMAZING!


They had me open a gift that had a tiara, a boa, a wand, white gloves, and an amazing bottle of wine. Needless to say, I LOVED it!


We all went on her deck and cousie D proceeded to bring out round after round of desserts in cute mini martini glasses, brandy glasses, champagne glasses, etc. I only got a picture of one of the desserts but they all were amazing. This one was strawberry shortcake with a yogurt covered pretzel and a buttery nipple shot! Holy yum!


All the girls and me! Apparently I am balding. Good to know…


The woman who made this all happen and the bestest hubs I have ever had…

It was such a fun night. We danced, we laughed, we sang to Disney songs. It was by far the most brilliant idea for a party. Princess party, FTW!!

What is the best themed party you have ever been to?


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Holy Blog Views

Last nights workout:

3 miles in 31:18 (10:26 pace)
100 crunches with 5 lb weight
3×20 second static crunches with 5 lb weight
200 side to sides

I had absolutely no method to my madness on this run. I just ran by feel. It was actually really nice to just wing it. I don’t do that often enough. Afterwards, I really felt like getting some ab work in, so I busted out my 5lb weight ball and went to town.


Apparently I was hungry for some weights.

I am pretty pumped up for this weekends 9 miler. I plan to properly fuel tonight with none other than pizza and booze. It is an absolute winning combination that I highly recommend to anyone that wants to feel bloated and hungover with a smidge of heartburn while you run. I like to think of it as a challenge. Come to me my sweet, delicious Riesling.


One major benefit to a drastically condensed training plan: the count down to the end begins early! Only FOUR more long runs until the half!


Welcome new bloggy readers!! Yesterday was quite an active day in Skipping In Seattle land. I am so excited to add all your blogs to my trusty google reader. I hope you find a lil something you like over here.

All I have to say is Thank God It’s Friday!!!! Hallelujah! This has been such a long week. I have been staying a little longer at work which completely throws me off. I haven’t had my usual hour to completely vedge on the couch while waiting for hubs to come home. It’s SO not right.

I just received the most amazing news from one of my really good friends from back in San Diego… she is flying out to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving!!!! This girl is CRAZY. Us two together is guaranteed to be a good time.

Cha and me

On top of her coming out, there is a chance that my sister is going to come out that same weekend!!! It will be my 21st birthday party all over again… except hopefully there won’t be puking in my neighbors bushes this time… yikes.

Do you remember your 21st birthday?

What are you doing this weekend?


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Quick post to get your Friday started off right…


Rick Astley = <3!

7 more hours until I have a Bud Light Lime in my hand and pizza in my belly.


Now that is straight up heaven in my mouth. Even my ass is welcoming it gratefully. BLL and a big ass is better than no BLL ANY DAY!!

What are you doing this weekend?

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Viva Las Vegas

Last nights workout:
3 miles in 32:21

“Long” run planned for this weekend!!! 🙂


Well ladies and gents, it is official. I will be finding myself in Las Vegas the weekend of December 3rd!! This trip coincidentally falls on the same weekend as the Rock n Roll Las Vegas marathon and half marathon. No, I will not be running. I will instead be getting sloppy in the nearest bar with some friends. Hey, what happens in Vegas…


It is fab friend J’s birthday so a huge group of us will be celebrating in style! To get myself pumped up for what is guaranteed to be a blast in a glass, I scoured the Forever 21 website for anything hoochie with a lil pizazz that would work for Vegas. I had a LOT of luck.


[Edit: this one ended up looking more business-ie and less hoochie. Plus it hugged me in the wrong places. This will be going back.]

This adorable dress was only $19.80!! You can’t beat that! Most dresses from department stores will run you from 50 to 100+ dollars! This was a major score.


This one was only $19.80 as well! They had it in a cobalt blue color but I liked the black better for me. Seriously love this dress.


This is not the exact dress that I got. Mine is more of a gold color and definitely shorter. This thing is SHORT! But if I get my body where I know it can be, then this will be HOTT. My hubs response when I tried it on… “I liiiiiike that one.” For only $24.90, I couldn’t pass up HOTT!

So that’s it folks. I have a little over 2 months to get my legs strong and lean again. No backing out this time. The flight is even booked already. That means if I don’t get toned, I will be looking like a trampy slob-kabob on the streets of Vegas. And THAT doesn’t look hott on anyone.

For all the fashionistas out there… what color shoes go with a gold dress?!?! I usually wear gold as an accent color, so I have no idea what to put on my feet when my whole dress is gold! Time to scour the interwebs.

Besides Vegas, what other places are totally acceptable to look like a hoochie mama?!

If you will be in Vegas that weekend for the race or for the blogging summit, let me know! I’d love to try to plan a time to meet you!


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Money well spent

Saturday afternoon, I ran a hard and slow 7 miles along the waterfront in downtown Seattle. Besides nearly taking out about 478373 people AND their luggage, it was beautiful. A cruise ship had just dropped off a shit ton of people. Once I wiggled my way around the crowd, it became one of my new fav places to run. There is so much to look at the whole time! It was hot and I was sweaty, but that is 7 more miles in my book.



A couple months ago, hubs and I bought a chiminea for our backyard. We have used it almost every single weekend since then. Hubs likes to smoke his cigar and I like to enjoy a cocktail (or 4) while sitting by it. This past weekend, we got to enjoy it with hub’s parents.


We LOVE making s’mores with it. Holy yum. I bought s’more poker stick thingys from Amazon and they are PERFECT!


With a 7&7 in hand and a s’more in my belly, I had a great time.


We plan on using it lots this weekend too with my parents. It is such a relaxing way to end the night.


1 more day til my parents are here!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I seriously can not wait!!

What was your best purchase recently?


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Birthday success

Last nights workout:
Ran on Betty for 3 miles in 33:04 (11:01 pace)

Hubs worked out right beside me on our new recumbent bike! I got it for him for his birthday. He has wanted one for a long time. It makes working out so much more fun having a buddy! 🙂


After spending ALL week preparing, Friday finally came and we had a very successful birthday party for Hubba. I got off work a little early and came right home to makes a couple appetizers and finish cleaning up. Before I knew it, everyone was here!


I laid out all the food on our island. It worked out perfectly. It gave everyone easy access to the goods.

Drinks immediately were opened. Wine for the girls and beer for the boys.


Fabulous friend T got hubs the set of beers above for the biggest samples o beer tasting ever. My favorite was the Panty Peeler. We may have to get that one again.

Once it got dark we fired up the chiminea and headed outside.


We roasted the most delicious s’mores ever. Mmmm I want another right now.


More drinks were consumed and we talked the night away. Before we knew it, it was getting really late. So, we sang happy birthday and called it a night.


I definitely drank too much. It all caught up to me all of a sudden after everyone left. So worth it though. It really was a fabulous night. It was the first time we had a party at our house. I definitely don’t think it will be the last.


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