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K.A.I.A Week 1 Check in

The first week of the K.A.I.A Challenge is going great over here. I was sick a couple of days which put me out of commission for exercising, but I have been eating really well.

K.A.I.A. Week 1 Stats:

  • Ran 2 times for a total of 11.03 miles. I did one 5 mile run and one 6 mile run.
  • Biked 5 glorious miles
  • Did my Plank A Day every day.
  • Lost 2 pounds!

My breakfasts this week have included a nectarine and something like an English muffin or one waffle.


Lunches have been either a 6 inch Turkey sandwich on wheat from Subway or a salad and fruit from a place by my work that has a salad bar.


Dinners are pretty random. I made chicken cordon bleu one night, homemade chicken noodle soup another night (this actually lasted for two meals), and also did a quick and easy Bertolli pasta dinner. I had fresh steamed green beans with the chicken cordon bleu which is always a delicious way to make a meal healthy. Dinners have probably been a little too high in sodium but I have been drinking water like a maniac, so that helps. My chicken noodle soup looks something like this but mine has way more veggies in it! That IS the best part!


Now, I am SO ready for week 2!!

What are you doing to kick ass in August so far?! Tell me about workouts, food, and everything else!



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I’m kicking my ass, do you mind?!

Liar liar kicking my ass

Last nights workout:
5 miles in 55:36 (11:07 pace)
2×25 girl pushups
Plank A Day

Wooo! Finally a kick ass run! Felt SOOO good!

Ok guys, I am so determined right now. I am giving myself 1 month to kick ass and tone this bod up. Hubs parents are flying up over Labor Day weekend and my parents are flying up the weekend after that. I am giving myself until labor day weekend to seriously drop this extra baggage. I know I have said this before, but I was only half way determined before. I am totally serious now. I MIGHT even consider posting before and after pictures on here. We will see how brave I am.

I have started getting my plan together and it is going to be awesome. I am not going to focus just on running. I am going to incorporate a lot of strength training and cross training as well. Push ups will be happening because my arms are losing definition at a rapid pace. Ab work will be a MUST. There is nothing that makes you feel more huge than serious muffin top.
muffin top shirt
So true.

I am going to write up a training plan for the month and I am going to stick to it. Let’s call it “Kick Ass In August”! Who is with me?!

I have some other plans for August too. Has anyone noticed my lack of book reviews? I haven’t posted one because I haven’t read any books since The Hunger Games series. I have been on page 1 of The Help for a couple months now. So, in August I am going to read TWO books. That is my goal. It’s all about time management, people!

Thirdly, I want to FINALLY finish getting our house decorated. We are so close I can taste it. I think we just have our bedroom and guest room to decorate. Potential home tour post when I’m done? I think we can make that happen.

There you you have it folks!

What are your goals for August? Wanna join my K.A.I.A. Challenge?! 🙂


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