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My Weekend In Pictures

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I DEFINITELY did!

My weekend can be summarized like so:


Yep. I was a lazy ass and loved every second of it. Hubs and I laid around watching movies most of the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we finally decided to do something with our lives and clean the house. Then I ran a slow 3 miles. Then it was back to the couch. Amazing. We haven’t had that kind of lazy weekend in forever. It was perfection.


I found such a fun surprise in my mailbox today!!


$50 PF Changs gift card babyyyy!

I was one of the first 13 people to sign up for the RnR SD on the 13th with the coupon code ‘lucky13’ so I won!! 🙂 So cool! I think it’s a sign that I am meant to kick booty at this race, dontcha think?!

Thanks Rock N Roll San Diego!!! I any wait to get me some lettuce wraps!!

What was the last movie you saw?



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Pinterest Week

Last nights workout:

Ran 1 mile in 11:05
40 minutes of ab work

Last night I hopped on Betty (my treadmill, for my new followers) while hubs biked. It is so much more fun working out with someone. Loved having him there.

Anyways, about half a mile in, my knee started really bothering me. I never have knee issues. WTF?! It wasn’t a sharp pain but it was this super achy and annoying pain in the bottom left part of my knee. I originally wanted to get a couple more miles in but decided against it. Hopefully it will feel better tonight.

I decided to do a major ab workout since my run was cut short. I did a bunch of exercises (25 minutes worth) like static crunches, Russian twists, etc. before I remembered that there is an ab workout on my Nike Training Club app! So, then I did the ab workout from the app. Planks, crunches, Russian twists (AGAIN), and more! It was fabulous. I am going to try running again tonight. Hopefully last night was just a one time thing.



I declared this week Pinterest week in our household. I have made nothing but brand new recipes from Pinterest ALL week long. It has been SO much fun.


Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Tuesday (Valentine’s Day):

Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo

Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

Crescent Roll Cheesecake


Nachos with leftover Crockpot Chicken Taco Meat


Pineapple and Green Chili Pork Tacos


OH MY GOODNESS it has been SO much fun. Hubs has REALLY loved it because he has not had to eat the same ol meals all the time. They all have been delicious. The only one was that was kind of a flop was the Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo. I think the recipe is close, but not quite. I will make it again sometime (not anytime soon because there are about 34905834095 calories in a single serving) and make some modifications. I will use fresh garlic instead of garlic powder, and use more cream cheese.

I plan on doing more weeks like this. The best part is that they all were SO easy. I always plan my meals on Sundays since we have groceries delivered by Amazon Fresh bright and early Monday morning. Planning things out REALLY helps the week go smoother. There is less for me to think about. And Lord knows I hate to think!

Do you plan your meals in advance?


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The Opposite of what I had planned

Wow, I did not do ANYTHING this weekend that I had planned to do. And you know what?! That is quite alright.

Friday night, I went out with my work team for happy hour to kick off the weekend right. Afterwards, I headed home (don’t worry, I was more than okay to drive) for pizza and movies and Bud Light Lime just like every Friday night. Hubs ended up having to work super late and didn’t get home until Friday night was over. Ritual bust.

I did, however, catch up on all my trashy shows he won’t watch with me. That means it was a success.

Saturday night, we were supposed to go to hubs work holiday party. We went out to dinner at Circa, a fabulous mom and pop restaurant, and had a delicious meal. We started with sweet potato fries as an appetizer.



I ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad. Holy yum. It was fantastic. I did not get a picture of it. But my belly was quite pleased with my decision.

During dinner, hubs got a text from him co-worker and he needed some help. Translation: no holiday party for us. The good news is, we were able to have our Friday night ritual (minus the pizza) on Saturday night. Hubs was able to watch movies while he helped his coworker. We watched 50/50 and Rango. Loved 50/50. I definitely got teary but I thought it was great. I ❤ Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I can’t tell you how Rango was because I pulled a ‘My Mother’ and fell asleep on the couch while watching it. From what I saw, it was mildly entertaining. But, clearly not entertaining enough to keep me awake.

Sunday, I made a delish breakfast of eggs and cheese on an English muffin and some fab coffee. For some reason the coffee seriously hit the spot. We lounged around. I read some. I did laundry. Then I lounged some more. Then I decided to get off my ass and work out.

Ladies and gents… I ran my 2nd ever run with my avg pace in the 9’s. 2.02 miles in 20:02. (9:55 pace) And that includes a 2:00 warm up of walking and jogging. My legs were very comfortable at this pace. I felt like I could just keep going and going. Well, that was until I decided to push it harder. I think I finished at a 7.5mph pace. My lungs felt like they were going to collapse on me! Haha Great run though. I followed that up with a solid 12 miles on the bike in 46:54.


I have quite the setup on our bike. I was thoroughly entertained the whole time.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Definitely not what I had planned, but it was quite fantastic if I do say so myself.

Does it bother you when plans change at the last minute?

Do you fall asleep when watching movies at home?


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Sometimes we need a break

Sorry for going completely M.I.A last week. I know everyone is busy and that is a poor excuse, so I won’t use it. In all actuality, I needed a break.

give me a break kit kat

I needed a break from blogging, from exercise, from cleaning, from doing anything besides completely relaxing after work. Sometimes we need a mental and physical vacation. We demand so much out of ourselves all the time. At least I know I do. Somehow I expect our house to be in perfect shape, dinner made, exercise done, laundry cleaned, and dishes washed every single day all while working 45+ hours a week plus commute. Every once in a while, somethings gotta give. In my case, I let EVERYTHING go last week.  It was glorious.

Hubs really does SO much to help me out around the house, but he works even longer days than I do. I try my best to make sure he doesn’t have to lift a finger around the house. He still does because he is awesome like that, but trying to make this happen puts a whole lot of extra work on me. Am I crazy with all of this? How do those of you who work full time manage life at home?


For now, I will give you a quick recap of my life lately:

  • As you know, my KS came and visited a week ago. We had a fabulous time and I will definitely be posting pictures of our shenanigans.
  • I have seriously fallen in love with Mad Men. What the heck took me so long to get on this bandwagon? Pete Campbell is amazing in his all his douchey ways.
  • I finally cleaned the whole entire house this weekend. 5 loads of laundry and all!
  • My BIRTHDAY is tomorrow, which means this is my birthday week!!! 🙂
  • Two words… Cake Balls.
  • Girls night featuring Bachelor pad happened last Monday. Ames and his magenta pants stole the show.

ames magenta pants

Ok, that is all for now. I promise Skipping in SEA will be more interesting soon. There is all kinds of fabulous stuff going on over here in the next few weeks!!!


When you feel like you just need a break, do you allow yourself that time?

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When old is new

Last nights workout:
Non existent.

I came home, washed my car, made dinner, ate, cleaned up from dinner, and went to bed. I was SO exhausted. Feeling much better today so a nice longish run is in my future tonight.


I went shopping in my closet this morning and stumbled upon some excellent finds. It is amazing what you can find hidden in there!! I wanted to wear my new express white collared shirt to work today, but it desperately needs to be spruced up. Let’s face it, a white shirt by itself is BORING!!

So, I decided to dig in my closet for jewelry. I happened to find the perfect matching bracelet and necklace with THE TAGS STILL ON!!

I have had this bracelet and necklace for about 2 years and never wore it! I completely forgot I even had it! Major score!!


Yes, I am listening to music and yes, it is probably Britney spears.


The matching bracelet!! It was so perfect! I love finding new old jewelry.

Is your closet super organized or do you have the potential to find awesome goodies you forgot about?

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