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Oh, hey there May

Has another month really flown by?! It is absolutely insane to me how fast the days and weeks are going.

So what happened in April in Skipping in Seattle land?

I ran 51.41 freaking miles!


I am quite proud that I was able to hit most of my mileage goals this month given what a crazy month it was.

I had TWO sets of guests come visit.


One of my bestest friends ever since Kindergarten came to visit and so did my old college roommate. While I absolutely LOVE having people come visit, it does make my training numbers more difficult to hit. You can see exactly which weeks I had people in town based off the monthly calendar pic above.

In order to make up for some inevitably missed runs, I added on some mileage here and there. I didn’t hit all the numbers, but I am damn proud of how close I got.

I took it a little easy on the reading front. I only read 10 books this month. That puts me at 51 for the year so far. My favorite book of the month HAS to be The Exception to the Rule by Beth Rinyu.


In the shopping world, I had the opportunity to have an appointment with a Nordstrom stylist. It was quite possibly the coolest day ever. Several hours and way too much money later, I acquired some great staple items for my closet.


In health news, I had a skin cancer screening at my dermatologist and despite having incredibly fair skin, I am skin cancer free!

PSA: Have you had your annual skin cancer screening yet? Read this post to see why I am so passionate about this: F U Cancer. And wear some damn sunscreen already!

Things I’m looking forward to in May:
Miles and Margs (who is joining in on the fun on Saturday?!)
– The West Seattle 5k
– I have a much needed hair appointment
– Memorial Day weekend in Spokane
– Leaving for the RnR SD on May 31!

What is your BIG brag thing that happened in April?



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2nd Annual Miles and Margs

It is almost that time of the year again! Almost time for our 2nd Annual Miles and Margs! If you are new to my blog or if you don’t remember, I blogged about the meetup in this post: Miles and Margs

We had a FABULOUS time going for a run along Alki and then refueling with margaritas! It was so much fun that it is imperative that we make it a yearly tradition. I know I am messaging this out SUPER early this year, but I wanted to make sure everyone got it on their calendars!

The deets:

Where: Run along Alki Beach in West Seattle followed by snacks/drinks/etc. at Cactus on Alki.


When: Saturday, May 4th (Let’s start Cinco de Drinko weekend off right!) – Run starts @ 10:00 am, Cactus starts at 11:00 am

Who: Any bloggy buds living in the Seattle-ish area that can make it out to Alki

At 10:00 am, let’s meet across the street from Cactus (2820 Alki Avenue SW, Seattle, Wa 98116) in front of the Washington Monument Replica. Yes, there is one. There is a Statue of Liberty replica as well.

Let’s plan on a 5-ish mile run along the beach path. It is pretty easy to extend the run for those of you who are speedy and want to get more miles in. For those of you who are speedy challenged, run with me! I will be taking it nice and slow. 🙂

We will do an out and back so that we end up right at Cactus when they open at 11:00!! The turn around point will be right around where you get on the Water Taxi.

There is a lot of free street parking in the area. If the weather is nice, it can get quite busy, so you might want to arrive a few minutes early just in case.

If you plan on going, comment here (or email me @ skippinginseattle@gmail.com) to let me know if you are running AND going to Cactus, just going to Cactus, or just going to run.

If you have any other questions, let me know!!!!

Like I said, I know I am messaging it out early this year. I will be reminding everyone of the event as it gets closer! Just make sure to get it on your calendars!!! 🙂


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