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Oh, hey there May

Has another month really flown by?! It is absolutely insane to me how fast the days and weeks are going.

So what happened in April in Skipping in Seattle land?

I ran 51.41 freaking miles!


I am quite proud that I was able to hit most of my mileage goals this month given what a crazy month it was.

I had TWO sets of guests come visit.


One of my bestest friends ever since Kindergarten came to visit and so did my old college roommate. While I absolutely LOVE having people come visit, it does make my training numbers more difficult to hit. You can see exactly which weeks I had people in town based off the monthly calendar pic above.

In order to make up for some inevitably missed runs, I added on some mileage here and there. I didn’t hit all the numbers, but I am damn proud of how close I got.

I took it a little easy on the reading front. I only read 10 books this month. That puts me at 51 for the year so far. My favorite book of the month HAS to be The Exception to the Rule by Beth Rinyu.


In the shopping world, I had the opportunity to have an appointment with a Nordstrom stylist. It was quite possibly the coolest day ever. Several hours and way too much money later, I acquired some great staple items for my closet.


In health news, I had a skin cancer screening at my dermatologist and despite having incredibly fair skin, I am skin cancer free!

PSA: Have you had your annual skin cancer screening yet? Read this post to see why I am so passionate about this: F U Cancer. And wear some damn sunscreen already!

Things I’m looking forward to in May:
Miles and Margs (who is joining in on the fun on Saturday?!)
– The West Seattle 5k
– I have a much needed hair appointment
– Memorial Day weekend in Spokane
– Leaving for the RnR SD on May 31!

What is your BIG brag thing that happened in April?



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April Recap

Where the hell did April go?! I know I say that every month, but holy moly April seriously flew by. Here are some stats for you.

– Miles ran: 46.18!!!
– Average pace: 11:16
– Total time spent running: 8 hours 40 minutes 37 seconds

That’s a lot of running!! There were many ups and downs this month. I ran my first mile repeats and also had some flops. Overall, I can’t be mad with 46 miles!!!

– Miles biked: 15.6

I only had two biking sessions this month. I decided to focus on my abs instead for my cross training. I was still proud of a 1 hour biking sesh.

– In April, hubs and I took James (my car) on his first long drive all the way to Spokane, WA.


– Hubs and I got to go celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Space Needle.


– I ate WAY too much delicious food and could NOT tame the ravenous beast inside of me. I HAZ THE HUNGER!



April, you were a FAB month. Not gonna lie though, I’m SO excited for May!

How was your April?


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March Recap

What the hell?! March is over already?! Seriously, WTF?!

I can’t believe we are already 1/4 of the way through 2012. I swear, the older I get, the faster time flies. So, let’s recap March.

– I ran 40 miles!!! I have not hit the big 4-0 mark since November, so this was really exciting for me. I hit that number on the very last day of March too!

– I biked 45 miles! I seriously feel like my legs are stronger and I think the biking is exactly why.

– I went to my very first spin class! SO. MUCH. FUN. I plan on becoming a regular spinner.

– I signed up for another half marathon. Seattle half, I am coming back to dominate you. Be gentle.

– Since my training started, I have ran AT LEAST 3 times each week and did at least 1 cross training workout each week.

– I FINALLY got to see Hunger Games after months and months of anticipation!

– I won my March Madness Basketball bracket!! I was the only girl that played in our group and I beat all those stinky boys! 🙂

I am really looking forward to April. My training really kicks in with some nice LONG runs. I am a little concerned how I am going to juggle being out of town for Easter and getting my long run in, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.


Happy April everyone!!


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March Madness

Hi friends! Yes, I am alive… Barely. It has been a crazy week but I’m glad March is here. 11 days until half mary training starts! Time is flying!

Today I got the most random phone call from my mom. First thing she says to me…

‘Are you pregnant?’

‘Uhm, no, no I’m not.’

‘I had a dream last night that you were pregnant and hubs decorated the baby’s room all by himself by nail gunning stuffed animals to the ceiling so the baby could see them in the crib.’

What the heck?! Yes, this is my mother. Goodness she is hilarious. How freaking creepy would stuffed animals on the ceiling be for a baby?! Could you imagine at night with the shadows? Creepy! That is like nightmare status.

Rest assured bloggy friends, I am still focused on losing weight, not putting on baby weight.


February was a good month.


– I ran 26.63 miles. Not super high, but my runs are still pretty dang short.

– I biked 41.8 miles. I really love biking. I never used to, but it is really fun.

– I did a bunch of other cross training. I didn’t keep track of my other workouts very well, but I definitely got a lot of cross training in. My favorite thing is still my Nike Training Club app. So SO good.

– I lost 2 pounds! Woot! I honestly don’t care about the scale. I just want to feel good in my skin. I am getting there. My back side needs work, but I slowly ( and I mean SLOWLY ) am feeling things tightening up.

– I went smoothie crazy and it has been glorious. Love getting my fruits and veggies in. I will be posting some more recipes that I love very soon.

I am definitely ready to up my mileage more this month. I am really looking forward to training. Having the goal of kicking ass at RnR SD is going to help so much!

How was February for you?!


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Pain in the Ass & January Recap

Last nights workout:

Modified treadmill tabata sprints a la Blonde Ponytail
1.75 miles in 16:30 (9:26 avg!!!)
Easy 5 miles on the bike in 21 minutes.
2×20 seconds handstands – oh yes, incorporating some gymnastics

I was going to take it super easy on Betty tonight seeing as my legs and ass were super sore. Once I got going, I didn’t want to go slow anymore! I decided to follow (sort of) a workout that blonde ponytail posted but hers is way more hardcore than mine. It was still a fantastic workout though!

3 min walk/jog
20s sprint at 7.2 10s recover x8
20s sprint at 7.4 10s recover x6
20s sprint at 7.7 10s recover x4
4:30 minute cool down

Total: 1.75 miles in 16:30!

Holy glutes! My ass is sore. A good sore. The kind of sore that makes you think the cellulite is disappearing being tamed.


Well, kids. January has come and gone! WTF?! Where the heck did it go?! While January started out slow on the workout front for me, I have definitely picked it back up. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda LOVING it.

January stats:

Miles ran: 10.46
Low mileage, yes. But you do not see any junk mileage here! All very strategic runs.

Miles biked: 71.7
Definitely a personal monthly high for biking. I am feeling a difference in my legs too!

Total miles: 82.16 – Not too shabby for starting out the month in a funk!

Books read: 9 and started #10

Races completed: 0 – That will change next month!

Races signed up for: 1 – Vday dash 5k

Pounds lost: No idea. I have not weighed myself in a long time and I don’t intend to! It is all about how you feel, people!!

Last, but not least, I stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest. Kinda makes you think about weight differently!


What is the best thing that happened to you in January?


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Most important month of the year

It is finally here friends. August has arrived and she is beautiful in all her glory. Just in case you didn’t know, august is by far the most important month of the year. Why, you ask? Because we are officially in MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!

I don’t care how old I get, I will ALWAYS love my birthday! Haha

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s recap July!

Technically this happened the very end of June, but it was very important to July… Betty became part of our family!!


For the 4th, hubs and I made the trip to Spokane, WA and got to see hubs fam! His parents even flew up!


I got to run a kick booty 5k race! See Jane Run = <3!


Hubs turned 25 years old!!


I ran over 30 miles for the month! Nothing too crazy but consistent so I will take it!


July was indeed a good month, but I am really excited for August!! It is going to be a good month. I can feel it.

On an “I’m a genius” note… I made a whole pot of coffee this morning… WITHOUT the coffee pot. Oh Monday, you are so cruel. Here’s to hoping I actually wake up this morning with my head attached to my body.

I am working on a post that explains some big goals that I have for august. It’s going to be so good!

I hope you all enjoy the first day of my birthday month!


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