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Camera Whoring up the Snoqualmie Falls

Tuesdays workout:
Scheduled: 45-1hr on the bike
Completed: 11 miles and 47 minutes on the bike.

Wednesdays workout:
Scheduled: 40 minute workout. 10 minute warm up, 20 minutes at 15 second faster pace. 4×20 second sprints with slow jog in between.
Completed: 3.57 miles in 40 minutes.
I did a 3 minute walk and 7 minute warm up run at 11:19 pace. Then I sped up for the next 20 minutes to a 10:55-10:45 pace. Then I did my sprints at an 8:34 pace.
In retrospect, I probably could have done the sprints faster, but at the end of my workout, they were pretty damn brutal. I did my slow recovery at 12:00 pace.

Last weekend, hubs and I took a day off of work so we could celebrate his birthday in style at the Salish Lodge that sits right on top of Snoqualmie Falls.

Hubs has been super into photography lately so I surprised him with the trip. It gave him SO many interesting things to snap pictures of.

None of these pictures are his. I snagged some with my super duper high quality iPhone camera. In case you couldn’t tell, that last sentence was dripping with sarcasm. Luckily there’s an app to cure my crappy photo blues. Apply a filter to anything and it automatically becomes awesome.


After having some pretty awesome photo shoots, we went back to our room, cleaned ourselves up, and began my favorite part: eating and drinking. I completely over indulged but it was SO worth it.


After dinner, we headed back to check out the falls. They shine spot lights on the water at night that seriously gives it this magical effect.


My pictures don’t do it justice. If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend stopping by and taking a look at the falls. It’s no Niagara, but it’s a great PNW find.

What is a fun local find in your area?



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