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Last nights workout:

4 miles with my new shoes!!! 42:09 (10:32 pace)
Apparently my new shoes make me wanna go fast! My first mile was a nice and slow warm up (as usual)  at about an 11:50 pace.  In order to get down to a 10:32 average, that means I was doing about 10 minute miles for the last 3!! It has been a LONG time since I have done that. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Weeeee.

Needless to say, so far so good on the shoe front.


Just in case you haven’t been stalking my mileage widget on my blog, last night I surpassed the 300 mile threshold for the year!!!


That was the goal I set for myself starting January 1. I made it with 2 1/2 months to spare!! I guess that is what spontaneous half mary training will do to ya. I am excited to see how high that mileage will get, because I will basically be in training the rest of the year.

Speaking of half marathons, I just found out some awesome news… if you run the Rock N Roll Seattle AND the Rock N Roll Portland, then you get a limited edition medal for “Rockin’ the Pacific Northwest” ON TOP of getting the Rock Encore Heavy Medal Bling!!!

portland rnr

I NEEEEEEEEED that medal. I SO wish I would have signed up for the race when it was only $55. It is $95 from now until 12/31, so I have a little bit of time to decide for sure or not, but I definitely think I need that medal in my collection.

Man, the things we do and pay for in order to get a $3 medal… SO worth it.


Is anyone else considering ‘Rockin the Pacific Northwest’ this year?



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Bringin My A Game

Last nights workout:

Ran 3.5 miles in 38:06 (10:53 pace)

First thing is first. I REALLY did not want to run last night. Finally, after letting my food settle for what I thought was enough time, I tweeted and then got going.

skippinginsea twitter

I almost gave up 1.3 miles in. I quickly realized that my food was not settled. In fact, it was quite angry at me and I nearly saw it again. PLUS hubs decided to turn our heater on. Reasonable considering it got to a high of like 57 degrees. Not so reasonable when you are melting and find out it is 78 degrees in your house. After sitting with my face directly in front of the fan for a couple minutes, my stomach calmed down a tiny bit and I decided to finish strong.

wind tunnel face
[The wind tunnel face is in these days]

My legs felt AMAZING during this run. They felt strong and ready for speed. The slower speeds (my normal speeds) felt HARDER than the faster ones. My legs just wanted to move. It was fantastic. Too bad my stomach was not agreeing with me. It was bad. Like the worst I think my stomach has ever been during a run. BUT, I pushed through it and ended up pretty dang happy about that run.


I don’t know about you guys, but I have already started planning my races for 2012. They are seriously right around the corner! I have officially decided that my A-race is going to be the RnR Seattle. That is the one I want to REALLY REALLY train for and have a huge PR. It is at the end of June, so that gives me plenty of time with nice weather to get my runs in outside. So SO excited.

Rock n Roll Seattle

I began checking out info on the RnR and discovered that there is a GREAT deal going on soon. If you register for the RnR Seattle on either 10/17/2011 or 10/18/2011 then you only pay $90 for the full marathon and $80 for the half! That is an amazing deal for a Rock n Roll series race. I think I paid like $125 for the half in San Diego last year. Needless to say, I will be snagging this deal up.

Is there anyone else out there thinking about doing the RnR Seattle? You know you wannaaaa! It’s pretty much guaranteed to be a high of like 65 in the middle of summer!!!! Paula and Cely, I’m talkin to youuuu… it will be a break from 100+ degree weather! Need more motivation? Look at these bad boys:

RnR Seattle Medal


Ahhhh I am so excited! 2012 is going to be the year of the half mary for me. I already have 3 planned that I FOR SURE want to do. And that only brings me to July!

Have you started looking at the 2012 race calendars?


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Blue Skies and Botox

The butterflies have started.

This happens every time. I get nervous butterflies a couple days leading up to the race and then the morning of the actual race I am calm, cool, and collected. Ok, well maybe not cool but two out of three ain’t bad.

I almost have everything packed.


Yeah, I definitely have three race outfits packed. I couldn’t decide what to wear. Since they don’t take up much space, I just decided to pack it all and decide later. I want to wear something that will stand out so my parents and my hubs will be able to spot me in the crowd. Ehh, I will figure it out… maybe I will pick up a new top from Target. I know, I know… that would be breaking like the number one rule of racing. DON’T WEAR ANYTHING NEW. Butttt, I have lots of Target Champion C9 tops and they have never been a problem before so maybe I can get away with it.

Speaking of Target, I need to make a trip there to get some Cliff Bars for race morning. Breakfast of champions.

Oh, I broke down and went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy the second Hunger Games book called Catching Fire. I only bought it from there because I was desperate. I NEEEEEDED it for my plane flight. Never again will I buy from B&N. The dang book was $17.99!! It sells for $8.99 on Amazon’s website and $9.99 on BARNES AND NOBLE’S website. Yeah, it is almost HALF the price on their own website. I asked the employee about it and he said the books are always much cheaper online and they don’t price match that price in the store. Ridonkulous. I am a sucker and I “needed” it now so I paid the man and left clutching my new prized possession with a smile on my face.

Catching Fire Suzanne Collins

You better not disappoint me Suzanne Collins!!!

I finally finished up my playlist last night. There is some new music and some old music, but overall I am really happy with my selections. (Click to enlarge)

running music

As I have done in the past, I started my playlist with much slower music and gradually got to faster I’m-Ready-To-Kick-Ass music. I really like this strategy because it helps me to not start out too fast. If Miley Cyrus’s Can’t Be Tamed or Lady Gaga’s Judas came on at the beginning, I would be sprinting at the start. I swear… running is all about mind games.

Ahhh… just a few more hours and I will be headed toward the land of blue skies and botox.

san diego palm trees


What running mind games do you play?

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Goodbye May, Hello June!

May was a great month. I had about 5 bajillion job interviews, ran my heart out, set a new 5K PR, spent all my hubs hard earned money and got sunburned in Seattle while drinking way too much alcohol!!




Yes, that is a successful month indeed.

Not gonna lie, I am REALLY looking forward to June though.

I am two days away from taking off on a big steel bird in the sky to San Diego!


Then I am going to run my second half marathon ever!! Once again, I am totally unprepared for it, but SUPER excited none the less.


With over 30,000 people running this race, I am pretty much guaranteed not to come in last place! Hallelujah!

June will also include my very first blogger meet up in Seattle right before the RnR Seattle! I am so excited to be able to meet people. It sure is a lot harder to meet people when you are an adult… No matter how outgoing you are!

I also find out if I got a job that I really want. I really feel like it would be a great position for me… So, if you are religious, keep me in your prayers. If not, keep me in your thoughts! This could be a HUGE month!

If you want to find out how I do in my half marathon before I get around to posting about it, follow me on twitter! @SkippingInSEA

Word of warning… I know nothing about twitter, but I am learning!

Happy June,


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