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Blue Skies and Botox

The butterflies have started.

This happens every time. I get nervous butterflies a couple days leading up to the race and then the morning of the actual race I am calm, cool, and collected. Ok, well maybe not cool but two out of three ain’t bad.

I almost have everything packed.


Yeah, I definitely have three race outfits packed. I couldn’t decide what to wear. Since they don’t take up much space, I just decided to pack it all and decide later. I want to wear something that will stand out so my parents and my hubs will be able to spot me in the crowd. Ehh, I will figure it out… maybe I will pick up a new top from Target. I know, I know… that would be breaking like the number one rule of racing. DON’T WEAR ANYTHING NEW. Butttt, I have lots of Target Champion C9 tops and they have never been a problem before so maybe I can get away with it.

Speaking of Target, I need to make a trip there to get some Cliff Bars for race morning. Breakfast of champions.

Oh, I broke down and went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy the second Hunger Games book called Catching Fire. I only bought it from there because I was desperate. I NEEEEEDED it for my plane flight. Never again will I buy from B&N. The dang book was $17.99!! It sells for $8.99 on Amazon’s website and $9.99 on BARNES AND NOBLE’S website. Yeah, it is almost HALF the price on their own website. I asked the employee about it and he said the books are always much cheaper online and they don’t price match that price in the store. Ridonkulous. I am a sucker and I “needed” it now so I paid the man and left clutching my new prized possession with a smile on my face.

Catching Fire Suzanne Collins

You better not disappoint me Suzanne Collins!!!

I finally finished up my playlist last night. There is some new music and some old music, but overall I am really happy with my selections. (Click to enlarge)

running music

As I have done in the past, I started my playlist with much slower music and gradually got to faster I’m-Ready-To-Kick-Ass music. I really like this strategy because it helps me to not start out too fast. If Miley Cyrus’s Can’t Be Tamed or Lady Gaga’s Judas came on at the beginning, I would be sprinting at the start. I swear… running is all about mind games.

Ahhh… just a few more hours and I will be headed toward the land of blue skies and botox.

san diego palm trees


What running mind games do you play?


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