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Oh, hey there May

Has another month really flown by?! It is absolutely insane to me how fast the days and weeks are going.

So what happened in April in Skipping in Seattle land?

I ran 51.41 freaking miles!


I am quite proud that I was able to hit most of my mileage goals this month given what a crazy month it was.

I had TWO sets of guests come visit.


One of my bestest friends ever since Kindergarten came to visit and so did my old college roommate. While I absolutely LOVE having people come visit, it does make my training numbers more difficult to hit. You can see exactly which weeks I had people in town based off the monthly calendar pic above.

In order to make up for some inevitably missed runs, I added on some mileage here and there. I didn’t hit all the numbers, but I am damn proud of how close I got.

I took it a little easy on the reading front. I only read 10 books this month. That puts me at 51 for the year so far. My favorite book of the month HAS to be The Exception to the Rule by Beth Rinyu.


In the shopping world, I had the opportunity to have an appointment with a Nordstrom stylist. It was quite possibly the coolest day ever. Several hours and way too much money later, I acquired some great staple items for my closet.


In health news, I had a skin cancer screening at my dermatologist and despite having incredibly fair skin, I am skin cancer free!

PSA: Have you had your annual skin cancer screening yet? Read this post to see why I am so passionate about this: F U Cancer. And wear some damn sunscreen already!

Things I’m looking forward to in May:
Miles and Margs (who is joining in on the fun on Saturday?!)
– The West Seattle 5k
– I have a much needed hair appointment
– Memorial Day weekend in Spokane
– Leaving for the RnR SD on May 31!

What is your BIG brag thing that happened in April?



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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Monday already?!?! That’s just can’t be right!!

It was another fab weekend mostly because Christmas has officially thrown up in the Skipping in Seattle household!


I just love getting our house all festive. It totally set the mood for my online shopping marathon that I also had this weekend. I am SO close to being done shopping for Christmas gifts! Just two more people to buy for!

Speaking of shopping, I went to the Nordstrom Private Holiday Party on Thursday night with my coworker. Oh. My. Word. THAT is a good time.


Yes, you are reading that correctly. Dessert and champagne were served to us as we shopped. We were shopping, eating, trying on clothes, and next thing i know… THREE hours had gone by!! Needless to say, I did some damage.


Those are a few things I snagged for myself. The sweater on the top left is actually going back. I don’t love it on me as much as I thought I did at the store. It hangs weird at the bottom. The shirt on the top right looks wayyyyy cuter in person. And those Toms. I DIE!!! They are so very me. I’m a little obsessed with them.

I also shopped for my niece and for my sister but those gifts will have to be kept a secret until after Christmas. 😉


Ok, since this is a running blog, I need to talk about running. Something kinda humongous happened last night.


Yes, you are reading that correctly. I did a 5k in 30:27!!!!! Since I’m sure most of you don’t recall, my current 5k PR is 31:16. It has been my PR for over a freaking year now. It is sooo time for it to burn a fiery death. It is looking like all of these dang interval runs are paying off!

Now, don’t get me wrong… That 30:27 was far from easy for me. My lungs were burning like hell AND I had to stop to walk a couple times. Even with the walking, I was able to come out with a 9:49 average pace! I will SO take it! Now if only my body would cooperate on race day so I can OFFICIALLY kick this PR to the curb!

Proof that I was a seriously schwety mess after that run:


Ahhhh endorphins. Does a body good.

Which pesky PR race distance is your biggest hurdle right now?


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THE Race OutfitS!!!

Tonight’s workout:
Biked 14.6 miles in 1 hour

Wednesday is cross training day over at Skipping In Seattle. It is no secret that my favorite cross training is working my abs, but today, I opted to do something I haven’t done in a while. I rode the bike!

I kept it a fairly easy pace with some mini ‘sprints’ here and there. Well, as much of a sprint as you can do with a recumbent bike. When we buy a house and I have my own exercise room (A girl can dream!), I am SO getting a spin bike. Oh how I miss spin already, bruised crotch and all.


Well, ladies and gents… I have officially purchased my race outfits!! Yes, that is outfits, as in plural. I have already ordered both my RnR San Diego AND my RnR Seattle outfits!!! Insert loud cheers.

Rock n Roll SD:

Recently, a friend gave my a Lululemon gift card for helping her out. It was so incredibly sweet, and since I am a Lulu virgin, I was SO excited. Not gonna lie though, I was a little intimidated. There are SO many things to choose, I didn’t know where to start. Immediately I went the best source there is… Rebecca @ LuluRunnerLove. After getting some fabulous advice, I decided to go with a Lulu staple… The CRB. I’m not too proud to admit that it took me way too long to figure out that CRB stood for Cool Racerback.

Anyways, I decided on this beauty:


And what could go better with this than some SPARKLE?! Yes, that’s right, I finally caved and ordered, not one, but TWO Team Sparkle Skirts!!!



I still can’t decide which skirt looks better with the top. Help me decide!! P.S. I have been told that the Gunmetal Sparkle skirt is a much darker gray in person.


What’s a girl to do?!

Rock N Roll Seattle:

This race is basically going to be a big blogger meetup. I am SO excited. In true blogger fashion, a big group of us decided we wanted to all be super obnoxious match. Enter Tri Girl.

Holy moly this girl is amazing. She designed shirts for all of us to wear!! Check this out! How adorable are these!!





Adorable, right?!?!

So the catch with deciding on my skirt delimma is that whatever skirt I don’t wear to SD, I will wear to Seattle!


Oh, and I fully plan on buying some of the Sweat Pink Shoe Laces for both races!!

So, there they are in all their glory. My half mary outfits!! Now, help a girl out… What combos should I wear?!


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And then she shopped…

I would like to start this post by saying that my husband was raised well. And I am NOT just saying that because his mama reads my blog. 😉

Saturday night, I was talking to hubs and I mentioned wanting to buy a couple new shirts, but that I was trying to be good because it was my new years resolution. I told him I haven’t shopped for THREE months (this is a HUGE deal in my world). His response?

“I work hard so that you can shop. It is what girls do. It is your job to keep our closets fresh”

Goodness gracious, that is a good man right there.

He told me to have fun and refresh both of our wardrobes. Now this is a job that I can do!

First up, Nordies!! They were having triple rewards points last weekend! Major score. That means a Nordstrom note should be making its way to my mailbox very very soon.

I have been wanting a nice but casual blazer for a long time. So, I found this:
I thought it paired nicely with these:

(The last shirt is from Forever 21)

Then, in an effort to wear clothes that hubs likes on me, I bought a skirt. He tells me that I need to show off my legs. I beg to differ, but I REALLY like the outfit I found.

I also got this cross body bag that I will use when we make our way to San Diego for the RnR.

I have been needing a nice pair of black flats for work. I typically alternate between my Toms and another pair of flats that I have, but they aren’t really the look I am going for. So, I found these at Target:

Then I found the most amazing pair of wedges that I just HAD to have. AND I found a dress that went with them perfectly!


I found a couple other little finds at Forever 21.

I bought a pair of earrings and a leather wrap bracelet too (both from Nordstrom).

Overall, it was a very successful shopping adventure. Hubs cleaned up too. Now, I need to go through our closets and take a load of clothes to good will. Ahhh, I feel whole again with some shopping under my belt.

And then, as if hubs doesn’t spoil me enough, he brought me these last night just because…


Yep, he is a keeper.

Where is your favorite place to shop?


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Skinny Tuesday

Last nights workout:

Rest day!!

Call me out of shape, but I am SO sore from helping hubs wash his car yesterday. My ass. My arms. My shoulders. Looks like someone needs more cross training in their life.


Happy fat skinny Tuesday everyone! I really don’t get the point of this ‘holiday.’ Is it even a holiday? It is just an excuse to go out and get sloppy on a work night? Sign me up! Just kidding. I leave play time for the weekend like a good little computer geek.

Instead of getting fat today, I decided to have a skinny day! I stuck to a very basic diet today. No chips. No candy. No chocolate. I kicked my weaknesses to the curb today.

Let’s see if the scale agrees with me in the morning…

In other news… I got my magic bullet!! And no, that is not a sex toy, you perv! Goodness gracious am I gonna get some spam comments with this post or what?! Anyways, I made my first creation!!


Very basic smoothie. Nothing fancy yet. I need to order some Greek yogurt and spinach from amazon fresh so I can make green monsters! This absolutely delicious creation was:

Frozen mango
Frozen strawberries
Frozen pineapple
Orange juice

Lessons learned:
Don’t use ice if you are using frozen fruit.
Don’t stuff the fruit to the top and use very little liquid unless you want a smoothie the consistency of ice cream.
Mango completes me.

I bought a bag of frozen mixed fruit from target. Have I mentioned that I love that place?! It is perfect because I don’t risk the fruit going bad before I can use it all!

In other random news…

I am in love. With a pair of shoes. Omg I am absolutely LUSTING after these babies:


Someone convince me that I NEED these in my wardrobe. Or better yet, tell hubs so I don’t have to buy them myself. Any takers? No? Ok, back to lusting it is.

Ok enough randomness for one day.


Did you get fat or skinny today?

And seriously, tell me I will die if I don’t give those shoes a proper home.


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Oops I did it again

Last nights workout:

My legs were quite tired last night, so I opted to do some cross training. I busted out my Nike Training Club app and selected a workout. I chose the 30 minute workout called Slim Effect (the had me at slim). HOLY FREAKING MOLY! That workout was RIDICULOUS.

It was SO hard. About half way through, they give you a 30 second break. I literally was laying on the floor panting and sweating the whole 30 seconds. AND the craziest part was that it was a major leg workout as well as a core, ab, and arm workout. EVERYTHING involved squats or jumps of some sort. My poor legs! haha

If you have an iPhone, seriously go download this free app. And no, they do not sponsor me. I am just obsessed with it.


If you recall in this post, I made spending less money on clothes one of my 2012 goals.

Well, I made it a whole month without making a purchase. The amazing news is that these items don’t even count because they were bought with my Christmas money!!! Yesss!

I received a Nordies gift card from my MIL! Oh darn. Guess I HAD to shop there.

I got these:




And a lighter pair of skinny jeans that are no longer available.

Then came Target. That place is dangerous. My Canadian friends should be thankful that you don’t have a Target. My bank account gets smaller just THINKING about going to that place. Anyways, I found some fantastic deals.

I got this top:

And this top:

And I thought both of those would pair nicely with these boots:


I have died and gone to chukka boot heaven. At first I was unsure about the whole chukka boot trend, but now, I’ve got to say, I am a big big fan. I guess the same could be said for skinny jeans. I swore I would never wear them, but now I wear them almost every day!

What trend did you hate at first and then love later?


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I love you, Mr. Postman

Yesterday after work, I came home to discover some lovin on my front doorstep from my new BFF, Mr. Postman.


Seeing a box like this is ALWAYS guaranteed to be a good time.

Anyways, I quickly opened it up to find these beauties.


It’s a beaut Clark, it’s a beaut.

FINALLY! After 461.88 miles, two half marathons, and LOTS of 5Ks, my amazing Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6’s have found their potential replacement. I say potential because I have had issues with shoes causing me hip pain before. I will have no problem sending these back if that pain creeps up again. Don’t worry though, choosing these shoes was an educated decision. I had my gait analyzed at a local running store in San Diego, and they recommended either the Wave Nirvanas or the Wave Inspires for me. Since the newest version of the Nirvanas are BUTT FREAKING UGLY (yes, I am that vain), I decided to give the Inspires a go. I did not buy them from a running store because Amazon was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper and they have a great return policy. It was only $70 for my shoes! I paid nearly $130 for my last pair!

Welcome, Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 to our little family. I can’t wait to take you out for a test spin.


P.S. This was the first time ever that I was BUMMED that it was a rest day yesterday. I had to wait a WHOLE day to try my shoes out! The horror!

What was the last thing you ordered online?


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