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Happiness in a glass

It was a fabulous 72 degrees in Seattle today. Blue skies and sunshine meant that laying out and drinking margaritas was an absolutely necessary thing to do!

Hub’s cousin, we’ll call her D, invited me over to her place to hang out on her deck that overlooks the Puget Sound. (I am sure you will be hearing a lot about D. She has been a LIFESAVER in the whole moving process.)


Amazing view, right?! Now, THAT is the right way to kick off the weekend. Pure happiness in a glass.

Now, me and my sunburned legs are kickin back and relaxing for the night.

Tommorrow I am picking up my race bib for the West Seattle 5K!! It will be my very first race in Seattle.


Forecast calls for rain. That will be another first. I have never raced in the rain before. I am really trying for a PR, which happens to be 32:50. Yeah, I am as slow as a hefalump.

Good luck to all of those who are racing this weekend!

Take care until next time,


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