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My Weekend In Pictures

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I DEFINITELY did!

My weekend can be summarized like so:


Yep. I was a lazy ass and loved every second of it. Hubs and I laid around watching movies most of the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we finally decided to do something with our lives and clean the house. Then I ran a slow 3 miles. Then it was back to the couch. Amazing. We haven’t had that kind of lazy weekend in forever. It was perfection.


I found such a fun surprise in my mailbox today!!


$50 PF Changs gift card babyyyy!

I was one of the first 13 people to sign up for the RnR SD on the 13th with the coupon code ‘lucky13’ so I won!! 🙂 So cool! I think it’s a sign that I am meant to kick booty at this race, dontcha think?!

Thanks Rock N Roll San Diego!!! I any wait to get me some lettuce wraps!!

What was the last movie you saw?



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Charge ittt!

Last nights workout:
I did a half marathon!!!! On the biiike! 😉
13.1 miles in 47:46
Plank A Day
Side to Sides

After two days of running in a row, I decided that I definitely needed a cross training day. Ooh my quads hurt so good.

Besides my little one mile on the bike Monday, my last time on one was probably in high school. I gotta say, it rocks. Believe it or not, my quads are weak. Training for and running two half marathons has not changed that. Yes, they are slimmer and a bit stronger, but we still have a long way to go. I was definition. I think riding the bike can only help get me there.


So, if you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know I am a professional computer geek. In my field, women are rare. Add fashionable onto that list of crieria and the numbers are next to zero. I have to admit, on more than one occasion the industry has gotten to my wardrobe.

I have been stalking reading J’S Everyday Fashion and it has seriously inspired me. I need a major upgrade to my wardrobe. I think it’s time to dress like an adult now. I have been all over the web looking for good deals. I’m kind of obsessed with Express at the moment.
Express shirtExpress shirtExpress shirtExpress shirtExpress shirtExpress shirt

I got ALL of those shirts for $115. No, that is not a typo. If you ever shop at express, then you know they are not cheap. Most of those shirts were between $30-50 normal price. Crazy huh!

After Express, I visited Charlotte Russe.

black boots
charlotte russe shirtcharlotte russe shirtcharlotte russe shoesbraceletI got a few more bracelets from Charlotte Russe that I didn’t take screen shots of. All of that was only $80 (and that includes the shipping charge). The boots were only $25 and the flip flops were only $5.

Then I went to Nordstrom and took advantage of the anniversary sale.

nordstrom purseI got this bag! It is normally $40 but on sale for $25.90 during the anniversary sale. Plus, I had a Nordstrom note. I ended up paying $5.90 for this bag. Uhm, major score.

I have a feeling I am going to feel much better about my wardrobe as soon as my little packages arrive. 🙂

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Pizza experienced twice and a win

Well, last night’s workout was interesting to say the least.

I was absolutely STARVED when dinner rolled around last night. I was so starved, in fact, that I was easily able to stuff my face with THREE slices of greasy deliciousness that we pizza. I did not get a chance to work out before dinner, so after dinner was my only option. Note to self: THAT WAS A BAD IDEA.

I decided to go hop on Betty and try my hand at the Galloway method. I settled on a 3:1 approach (Run 3 minutes walk 1). The run was going fabulously for… ohhh about 30 seconds. From the get-go I felt like I was seriously going to taste my pizza for a second time. I even had some heartburn that was getting worse and worse by the second. It was MISERABLE.

1.25 miles (that was all I could handle) 14:30 (11:36 pace).

Yikes. Not my best running moment.


Ok, so now back to Part 3 of the 4th of July in Spokane. (Part 1 here and Part 2 here)

Sunday morning, I woke up nice and early to get a run in with my in laws before we went back to Coeur d’Alene. Boy, was it HOT! This girl is seriously not used to running in the heat anymore. There were a couple times I wanted to throw in the towel, but I didn’t give up. We got in a good 4.5 miles with about an 11:30 pace. I was honestly surprised I got it under 12 min pace. It felt that rough. But it was great running with the fam again. I definitely miss having them as running buddies.

After we got back home, got some breakfast, and got ready, we headed out to Coeur d’Alene once again. It really is gorgeous there. I was a bad blogger and forgot my phone in Spokane, so I didn’t have any pictures from this Coeur d’Alene trip. I will steal them from hubs later.

After a couple hours, we headed back for what we do best… drink cocktails!! 🙂


We all hung out, talked, snacked, and played ladder ball.

ladder ball

Cousie D and I kicked may-jah booty at ladder ball. That game is so much fun.

hubs and my cheesiness
[ I just love hubs smile. He always looks SO happy! ]
adorbs family
[ Aren’t they just adorbs?! Cousie D and Aunt Do! ]

After some more drinks, it was time for a “friendly” game of poker. $10 buy in can go a long way!

After nearly going out about a thousand times and SERIOUSLY getting lucky on the river (get your mind out of the gutter), I walked away victorious and with $50 extra bucks in my pocket.

Never underestimate the power of a drunkie female poker player. Muwahahaha.

The next morning, hubs and I headed back to Seattle pretty early. We were exhausted, but it was definitely an amazing trip with family. Just a couple more months before we get to see them again!

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