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Hell froze over

Yesterday was weigh in Monday! Normally, I would dread this day, but I have been making such good eating decisions that I was actually looking forward to it. The verdict after two weeks of weight watchers?

Down another 2.2 pounds baby! That is 4.6 total so far!

Even better than the numbers? Yesterday I wore jeans to work that were so uncomfortably tight on me two weeks ago and they were COMFY again! Hellll ya! I’m so excited for next week’s weigh in. I so desperately want to hit that 5 pound mark.

So, I’m pretty sure hell froze over. This morning, I got up early and ran BEFORE work. I had nearly 4 miles done before 7 am.

Seeing as I normally run at about 10 pm, this is pretty major. I feel like this opened up a whole new world. It means I got to run in 65 degree temps instead of 80+ degrees.

I still feel like such a weather wimp complaining about running in 80 degree temps. Hell, I’m from SoCal! 80 degree days were my winters for crying out loud! I swear it is a different kind of heat in Seattle though. It hits 80 and we are begging for some AC.

Yep. I’m officially a weather wimp.

As I mentioned on Friday, hubs and I went to the Zoo this weekend and I got to feed an elephant!!


It was so cool getting to be so close to such an amazing animal. Hubs got a shot of me feeding her that I will have to post once he uploads his pics!

We plan to go back to the zoo because we didn’t have time to explore everything that we wanted to. Next time I plan on feeding the giraffes! I will stay farrrr away from feeding the birds though. Those things scare the shit out of me. No joke.

We also went to Kerry Park which has my absolute favorite view of the Seattle skyline.


Hubs and I decided we suck at making hand hearts. Hubs says it’s because his hands are so manly… Yeah. We love that man.

What is your most irrational fear? Mine has to be birds and fish. I’m talkin snorkeling on top of a hot pink inner tube in Hawaii kind of scared. So ridic!



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Five for Friday

1. Normally Friday is always my rest day. I come home, eat pizza, drink beer, and say cheers to kickin another work week’s booty. I sit on my lazy ass and enjoy every second of it. My new training plan has something different in mind. I have a moderate effort cross training plan in the books. SOOO prior to enjoying my splurge eating night, I biked 7.4 miles in 30 minutes.

The verdict? I actually loved it. It woke me from my Friday night work week coma that I tend to find myself in. This could be a very good thing.

2. Tomorrow, hubs and I are going to the Woodland Park Zoo! We have lived in Seattle for 2 1/2 years and are just now exploring all these landmarks. I love it! It is all inspired by his latest photography hobby! I’m most excited about feeding the elephants!!!


3. I have 5 miles on tap for Saturday too. I’m still deciding whether to wake up early and knock it out or if I should do it Saturday night. Knowing me, I’ll end up doing it Saturday night. Mornings and I don’t get along.


4. I am still kicking ass on Weight Watchers. With the exception of my pizza tonight, I have been spot on and eating healthier than I have in years. I gotta say, it feels freaking good. I weigh in on Monday, so I’ll report the stats then. Honestly though, even if I end up gaining weight, I won’t care because I’m finally feeling good again. I still have a lot of work but I feel a difference and that’s all that matters to me.

[Biggest blackberry of my life]

5. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I think I’m officially a Brooks running shoe convert. I’ll post all about it soon. I wanted to get some miles under my belt first before I did. I’m seriously in love though. They feel so good and my bum knee is so happy in them.


Plus they are freaking cuuuuute! Run happy, folks!


Running shoe love: What brand do you run in?


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