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Trashy TV Tuesday

It has been years since I have religiously watched The Bachelor, but when hub’s cousin D invited me to go over to her friends house for The Bachelorette season premiere, I was SO in. A night of drinks, gossip, and trashy TV… who could turn that down?!

As soon as we got there, we made Champagne Whiskey Raspberry drinks that were absolutely delish!

Champagne toast

The rest of the girls showed up, we stuffed our faces with pizza, and then it was showtime.

the bachelorette

Ok, so let’s get real here. Ashley is annoying. The end.

No, but really… She seems so fake. I can’t put my finger on exactly why but she is just awful. Oh and then the guys…

What is with the extremely awkward introductions?! I don’t get it. Maybe I just have been out of the dating scene for so long that I am numb to that kind of “charm.” It kinda catches my gag reflexes.

I am talking to you, Man Who Goes In For A Kiss.


I am talking to you, Man Who Checks Himself Out In The Limo Window.


I am talking to you, Man Who Gets Belligerently Drunk.


I am talking to you, Man Who Gives Her A Compass.


I am talking to you, Batman Wannabe.


Goodness, it was like one awful introduction after another. Guys, take notes… When introducing yourself K.I.S.S.


So far, I only see 2.5 potentially decent guys. Yes, 2.5. Let’s be honest… Cell phone salesman only counts as half a guy.


Good advice. You should listen to them.

The other two are wine man…

and Joseph Gordon Levitt wanna be.

Based off the introductions, who do you think is gonna win?


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