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Home Sweet Home

We made it home safe and sound after one absolutely fabulous weekend in Vegas. My brain is still on vacation, but my liver is so happy to have a little break. You can only do so much Vegas before you are totally worn out!


I will go into more detail later, but a few highlights were:

– Spotting SR and jaybob at Aria
– Having all you can drink mimosas at the Bellagio
– Going out to a super swanky dinner for our friends bday and ALL of us got so tipsy at dinner that we thought it would be a good idea to take a limo back to our hotel that was only a few blocks away.
– Successfully keeping the girls in my super low cut dress.
– Doing a jäger bomb next to Gary Payton

And the list goes on and on. Tons of pictures to come!

Now I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!


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Might as well be naked

In T-minus 32 hours, I will be on my way to Sin Cityyyy!!!


I am sorry in advance, running friends, I am bringing the cold weather from Seattle with me. It will be highs of mid 50s the whole weekend. WTF, Vegas?! You were just 70 degrees two days ago! Don’t you know I need my vitamin D?!

I started packing last night and one thing is for sure, I am going to freeze my arse off. That is what the booze is for though, right?


This is what I am for sure packing. 3 hoochie dresses, daytime outfit (need to pack a couple more), heels, and a clutch.

I strategically picked out a clutch that went with all three of my nighttime outfits.


Forgive my poor photography skills. Black and gold. Simple. Small. $16.99. Perfection.

Did anyone happen to spot some shiny pants in the clothes picture?


Oh. Yes. I. Did.

Pleather leggings, for the win! And yes, that is my DAYTIME outfit. We will be reserving the ultra classy hoochie outfits for the night.

Remember when hubs asked for me to buy a super low cut dress a la J. Lo. circa 2005? Let’s just say I’m gonna need to pick me up some double sided garment tape…


Ya, I can’t tell which side is the front and which is the back either.

Last, but not least, the SHOES!


Black pumps and black booties. Can’t go wrong. Except for the fact that I won’t be able to walk for a week after I get back. Minor technicality.

Do you hooch it up when you go to Vegas?
I never dress like this normally. I am a pretty conservative dresser, so this is kind out of my comfort zone. I might as well go walk around naked! I can’t wait. It’s gonna be HAWT!

Finish the phrase:
“Only in Vegas…”


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Goodbye Summer

Seattle has officially decided that Summer is over and Fall is here in full force! I honestly couldn’t be more excited.


This is the first year ever that I will actually be able to experience all of the seasons! The leaves are already changing color, there is a nip in the air, fall is here!!!

In order to kick October off right, I ran 5 miles on Betty while it was raining. I was planning to run 7, but my stomach wasn’t cooperating, so I finished the last two on the bike. I followed that up with some ab work. Only 2 months til Vegas, which means only 2 months til my legs need to be toned!

Hubs informed me last night that he wants me to get a J. Lo inspired dress for Vegas.


Remember this one that caused all the controversy back in like 2005 or something?! Yes, let’s point out that it is cut BELOW her naval!!! I may be planning on dressing like a hooch (it’s Vegas after all!) but I may have to draw the line at exposure of the belly button. I may, just for him, find a slight plunging neckline dress.

Darn, I guess that means more shopping for me… how ever will I survive?!

Other items on the list:

  • Boots that will survive the rain and keep my feet warm
  • Socks that will go with said boots (The only socks I have now are for running… I rarely wear them!)
  • Waterproof shoes for hubs
  • An umbrella for hubs (his current one looks like it was made for a 5 year old… SO tiny)
  • V-neck sweater that I could wear over a button up shirt (LOVE that look)
  • Gloves for when it gets really cold
  • Stylish and sassy beanie (no ordinary beanie will do 😉 )
  • Articles of clothing that will work well with layering (supposedly that is the trick to surviving winters where it is not 75 degrees)
  • Shiny black leggings for Vegas (Trust me on this one. I have an adorable daytime outfit planned.)

I am sure there are more things, but I think those will get me through most of the winter! Ahhh I am so excited!!!

What is your ‘go to’ clothing item of choice for surviving the winter?



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Viva Las Vegas

Last nights workout:
3 miles in 32:21

“Long” run planned for this weekend!!! 🙂


Well ladies and gents, it is official. I will be finding myself in Las Vegas the weekend of December 3rd!! This trip coincidentally falls on the same weekend as the Rock n Roll Las Vegas marathon and half marathon. No, I will not be running. I will instead be getting sloppy in the nearest bar with some friends. Hey, what happens in Vegas…


It is fab friend J’s birthday so a huge group of us will be celebrating in style! To get myself pumped up for what is guaranteed to be a blast in a glass, I scoured the Forever 21 website for anything hoochie with a lil pizazz that would work for Vegas. I had a LOT of luck.


[Edit: this one ended up looking more business-ie and less hoochie. Plus it hugged me in the wrong places. This will be going back.]

This adorable dress was only $19.80!! You can’t beat that! Most dresses from department stores will run you from 50 to 100+ dollars! This was a major score.


This one was only $19.80 as well! They had it in a cobalt blue color but I liked the black better for me. Seriously love this dress.


This is not the exact dress that I got. Mine is more of a gold color and definitely shorter. This thing is SHORT! But if I get my body where I know it can be, then this will be HOTT. My hubs response when I tried it on… “I liiiiiike that one.” For only $24.90, I couldn’t pass up HOTT!

So that’s it folks. I have a little over 2 months to get my legs strong and lean again. No backing out this time. The flight is even booked already. That means if I don’t get toned, I will be looking like a trampy slob-kabob on the streets of Vegas. And THAT doesn’t look hott on anyone.

For all the fashionistas out there… what color shoes go with a gold dress?!?! I usually wear gold as an accent color, so I have no idea what to put on my feet when my whole dress is gold! Time to scour the interwebs.

Besides Vegas, what other places are totally acceptable to look like a hoochie mama?!

If you will be in Vegas that weekend for the race or for the blogging summit, let me know! I’d love to try to plan a time to meet you!


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