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Christmas Shopping for Runners

Having trouble finding the PERFECT gift for your runner spouse, sibling, or BFF? Look no further!!! These are my MUST have items to be looking and feeling great on race day.


1. Sparkle skirt.

It is true. I have been known to rock a many sparkle skirts in my day. They are fairly inexpensive ($25) and so darn cute. I get complements from spectators EVERY race I wear my sparkle skirts to!

2. Run Pretty Far arm sleeves

I have worn these babies to several races. I get so dang hot when I run, but ESPECIALLY in Sea town, it can be super chilly at the start. That is where arm sleeves are perfection. You can easily roll them down or slide them off. At RNR Seattle this year, I took these off at mile 3 and tied them to my fuel belt. It was AWESOME!

3. Sweat Pink Tank

I am obsessed with this tank. I wear it all over the place. It is comfy and well, let’s face it… Seriously cute!!!


4. Handheld water bottle.

I carry my handheld water bottle on all my shorter runs. Anything 6 miles or less is perfection. It easily holds my car keys, ID, sport beans, etc. Plus, it is pink. I bought mine from Sports Authority. It is IronGirl brand and I love it!

5. SpiBelt.

It is no secret that I love my SpiBelt. Since getting it for Ragnar, I have worn it on training runs and to races. I am super paranoid about safety, so it holds my phone, ID, money, keys, etc. it is amazing what you can fit in this thing. The one I have is yellow, but I really want to get a black and pink one too!!

6. Awesome spandex shorts.

Let’s face it. Every runner needs awesome spandex shorts. Like, NEEDS them. I got mine at Target!


7. NUUN!!!

Oh, how I love me some Nuun. I absolutely swear by this stuff. It provides my body all the goodies I need and leaves out all that sugary crap that I don’t. My favorite favors are LemonLime, Pink Lemonade, and Tri-Berry! It’s a GREAT stocking stuffer! Also recommended, “Lemon Tea” in a Nuun sports bottle. 😉


8. Aspaeris Pivot Compression Shorts

These bad boys are nicknamed “magic pants” for a good reason. I am telling you… They work WONDERS. I was sooo skeptical of the whole compression thing until I tried these for myself. I wore them after the RNR Seattle AND during the Ragnar relay. I had next to ZERO muscle soreness the next day, which is SO not like me. I am ALWAYS sore after big races. I am SO sold on these bad boys.

9. Zensah Compression socks

I have both Zensah compression sleeves and compression socks. I love them both so dearly. I will even wear them under my work clothes the day after a long run. No one at work will even know AND your legs will be thanking you later.


10. Last but not least, Sweat Pink shoe laces.

Oh, how I love my Sweat Pink shoe laces. These are a major statement piece. They are guaranteed to make those boring running shoes go from drab to fab in an instant! And they are CHEAP! Can’t beat em!!

Now, hurry and go shop!! Time is running out to have these packages delivered to your door!!!

Note: I was not asked to write about any of these products. These are truly my favorite go-to running items and I love them all.



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RnR Seattle Expo and Zensah

So, I’m not going to do a whole post on the RnR Seattle expo. I went today and had a FABULOUS time. My coworkers are running the race too, so I went with them on our lunch break. It was really fun and I scored some serious loot!


We actually went around to ALL of the vendor booths since it wasn’t super busy! Major score!

I didn’t take any pictures, so if you want to know what it looks like, check out my RnR San Diego expo post. RnR Seattle is the premie twin of RnR SD Expo. It was set up and looked exactly the same but Seattle was just a little bit smaller. I love expos. 🙂


Last week, some bloggy buddies and I met up with a rep from Zensah so he could tell us all about their products. I knew they were big on compression gear, but apparently their sports bras are their number 2 best selling item! I didn’t even know they sold sports bras.


[Rebecca, Dawn, Me, Zensah rep, and Wes – not pictured: Karla (she was the photographer)]

They were nice enough to give us all some awesome Zensah gear to try out.


Oh yes, those are definitely some kick booty neon colors. It is like they were made for my Ragnar team!

So far, I have tried my compression socks, my Zensah sports bra, and my Zensah tank.


See! I was all compressioned out the other night.

The sports bra ended up being slightly too small for these tatas but I could tell that it was made really well. It had way more support than my usual Champion C9 sports bras that I know and love. The extra support was a pleasant surprise.

I absolutely LOVED the tank. The material is so soft that I kind of want to sleep in it. Ahhh cozy!

I plan on wearing my compression calf sleeves to work under my jeans tomorrow to get my legs nice and ready for Saturday!! I’ll let you know what I think about them!

31 more hours!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!


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