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I got the fever

Last nights workout:

5 mile run
4 mile bike ride (15:08)
1 mile run @ 9:26 pace (She was a brick housee)

Total run: 6 miles @ 1:06:58/11:10 pace

[using my water bottle from the fab people at onlineshoes.com]


Wow, what an inspiring weekend. There were marathons and half marathons ALL over the place. I couldn’t help but be a complete stalker and watch them every step of the way.

stalker comic

This girl ran the Chicago Marathon as her very first marathon. I hope she is celebrating with a GIGANTIC Reeses right now.

This girl was going for a sub 4 hour marathon and just missed it. But she is still wayyyy bad ass for running a marathon after training for only 6.5 weeks. Drink up tonight, girl. You deserve it.

This girl killed her 3rd half marathon ever with a HUGE PR!

There were SOOOO many more too. Seriously, everyone kicked ass!

It made me miss training for a race so bad. I haven’t ran a half since June and haven’t ran a race at all since July. My running has been casual, at best. I am so ready to be training again. I am planning on running the San Diego Half Marathon with my sister (her very first one) in March, but that is just way too far away. Soooo, I am seriously thinking about signing up for this race:

Seattle Half Marathon

I am finding myself in Seattle for Thanksgiving this year (we were originally planning to go to San Diego, but tickets are way too expensive), so I am thinking I MUST sign up.


  • The race is the week before I go to Vegas, so it will motivate me to REALLY work out and get in shape for my hoochie dresses.
  • The medals are SOOOO cool looking
  • We get long sleeve tech tees (I only have 1 long sleeve tech tee from a previous race and I wear it ALL the time)
  • There is something crazy like a 6 hour time limit so I won’t have to worry about my time
  • I have not ran a half in Seattle yet!


  • I only have 7 weeks until the half which means an extremely shortened training schedule
  • It is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so it will most likely be raining. I have only ran in the rain 3 times.
  • It is a VERY hilly course – I am soooo not in shape for hills

Well, there are definitely more Pros than Cons. I am thinking I need to sign up. What do you think? Is a 7 week training plan to ambitious?

What is your shortest training plan that you have done?



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Getting my dread on

It has happened guys. Mr. Postman delivered my little bundle of joy last night! All 6 feet 2 inches and 230 pounds of her!


It’s a beaut Clark, it’s a beaut!

Now let me just tell you how ridiculously hard it was to get a HUGE 230 pound box up stairs and around a tight corner. Holy effin’ moly. Hubs and I took it like a champ.

About 45 minutes, a couple of bruises, and a few scrapes on our walls later, Betty has found her place in our home.


Sweet sweet hubs put her together while I watched, took pictures, and kept asking ‘Are you done yet?’ What a keeper.


After Betty was all set up, I got my run on. It was about 10:30 by that point, so I just did a quick and PAIN FREE 1.25 miles in about 14 minutes.

I can’t wait to get back on her tonight!

I loveeee my Betty.

Do you ever name inanimate objects?


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